By dBLIZZARD - 09/06/2015 18:39 - United States

Today, my dog ran away. I looked for him for 5 hours, and when I came back home, he was waiting for me at the door. FML
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5 hours wasted is better than losing your dog

nathanschmitz14 1

Hey man, at least he came back!


nathanschmitz14 1

Hey man, at least he came back!

Maybe next time just wait awhile before going to find your dog. Dogs are usually smart enough to come back. Depends on the kind of dog.

mds9986 24

My dog once ran away for 7 days. He came back at the door to our house like he never left, covered in ticks and scratches from an adventure I'll never know about.

A while back I was working in a farm about 10km from home and I took my dog with me. at the end of the day I left (somehow completely forgetting about my dog) got home and quite a few minutes passed before I realized I'd forgotten her I walked out the door and she was just chilling on the deck. Dogs know how to find their way home.

CannotBeSeen 10

My dad took our dog to the park, let him off-leash (which was allowed there) and my dog proceeded to run all the way back home again on his own...

vikingchick 22

Well now you know he will (most likely) come back if he ever gets out again!

Be grateful that he made his way back. Five hours wasted, but at least he's safe and sound.

5 hours wasted is better than losing your dog

I would have given up many days, nights and a lot more to have had my baby boy come home safe to me :( Rip buddy I miss you

My dog did the same thing to me 6 years ago

JMichael 25

Most of the time they find their way back home. If they're not picked up by some passerby that is..

_shaydwashere_ 9

Today, my owner ran away and only came back after 5 hours. FML.

_shaydwashere_ 9

5 hours wasted is better then losing you dog.