By mista hunna - 08/09/2016 05:31 - United States - Baltimore

Today, I found the dog I lost while I was dog sitting. It was with its new adoptive family. FML
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I think OP lost the dog, and FOUND it while dog sitting. Not that they lost it while sitting for it. So it was OP's dog, and they were dog sitting for its new owners A bit confusing though

Have you thought about telling the other family? If it has a chip an animal clinic can verify. I've heard dog custody cases can get crazy, and this is probably tough but only you can make the decision to bring this to light.

When this occurred was it while you were still supposed to be dog sitting or after?

You have to tell the original owners. What if they are still searching, making flyers, checking shelters, worried sick, etc? It's bound to be awkward, but c'mon... you owe them this much.

I think that the dog was OP's and they found it while dog sitting for someone else.

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Because some people have more value in their pets than that.

Please never own any living being if you think you can just "go out and get another" if something happens to it..

Well you are in for a couple of awkward conversations.

were you asked to dog sit the same dog?

OMG. the connection is real. OP and the dog. its real I tell ya!

Did you have him microchiped? if not, then it's your loss. If yes, speak up so you can get your pup back.

I think many people would still give the dog back to its original owner even if it wasn't microchipped. It's definitely worth at least trying.

You lost a dog someone else entrusted you to keep safe? Where's the YDI button??

The fact that something is an "accident" doesn't exempt people from blame or consequences.

I think OP was saying they lost their own dog, and went to petsit for a family who had found and adopted OP's lost dog.