Poker face

By therealducktape - 20/08/2010 22:03 - France

Today, I got back from a two-week holiday only to discover my dog missing. After looking for him at animal shelters and putting up missing pet signs, my roommate admitted he lost him in a game of drunk poker. FML
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gravedigger08 0

you can actually get a court order to get the dog back since you never gave permission and it's free just go down to the courthouse then kick ur roommate out and get another roommate

Wtfff, who bets a dog?


ya I lost my dignity in a game of poker once... never again. FML. FYL. F all of our lives lol

Hahaha why don't you play to get him back

it could have been worse! you could have come back from your 2 week holiday, and when you went to see your girlfriend, you could have finished in 10 seconds since you hadn't seen her in a while..

Every single thing that has ever happened in the universe could have been worse. Shut the hell up and put a damn shirt on.

phreshboi 1

ROFL sucks for you OP but hopefully you weren't mentally attached to it.

uhazsquiads 0

lol 5 OP, that really sucks :'( if someone lost my dog I would go get it and If I couldn't I would kill whoever lost it in poker e_e

11 well said :D

I think your roommate has the disease called Drunk Idiot who Fails.

1) Search on craiglist for free dog. 2) Trade dog for your dog or keep the dog you like best 3) Buy a gun 4) Shoot your roommate or his dog if he has one 5) Eat a taco. 6) ??? 7) Profit! Ydi for having a dog.

daltreix 3

oh no poor dog. dogs are badass! screw cats! lol

twinny_sc 13

How about you get a new dog and roommate.

8: lol 11: love ur pic. flcl is amazing. OP: I'd be gettin a new roommate AFTER I got my dog back! fyl.

OMG!!!! THAT IS SOOOOO SAD!!!!! I'd kick their ass!!! :(. Sorry OP...

bonsaiboy26 1

lol 10 sec no excuse

get new friends

Icecube32 0

oh shit son that sucks

degrassilovur 0


It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice just like what clothes you wear! FTW!! Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I come one here and comment on every single FML.

number 8 (marinus)- your an idiot. nothing could be more worse than losing your dog- no no no, your ROOMMATE losing your dog in a game on drunk poker. stop saying "it could be a lot worse". yes, we all know it could be in some cases, but you don't have to announce it.

Elenachka 0

this paragraph makes me really angry :( not even the grammar Nazis will touch it...

I lost my foreskin in a game of poker :(

I think I'm going to have some tshirts made that say "Your an idiot".

#64, it is part of the joke you wrote 'you're' wrong, right? :/

Mentally?? That's like some esp shit. I think you mean emotionally attached?

Christopher08 0

ha ha ha I supose that happen to you

athletichic2012 0

omg that's terrible! I'm sooo sorryy =[

8 i bet u did that before

ZombieLoveA 0

Ray William Johnson :D

ZombieLoveA 0

My last comment was towards 13 because he or she likes ray William Johnson as much as I do.

first again!

Sorry I won the game! Your dog is sitting on my lap :D

Awww! I lost the game :-(

YDI for forgetting to lock his chain today.

hahah. play a game of poker with gay guys and bet his body.

Wtfff, who bets a dog?

obviously his roommate bets dogs lol :p

I_have_no_clue 0

Sounds like they could read his poker face.

Flutist 3

Just dance, you don't have to pick up dog poo anymore.

when life hands u a bad romance, put on ur poker face, pick up ur telephone, call alejandro, and just dance :)

Get drunk and poker with your friend for his car keys , as he plays with everything.

"get drunk and poker with your friend.." nicely typed.

KaitlynxD 5

Wow, that's terrible. I hope there's a way to get him back!