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By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

......And is your condition obvious or a well known fact?
If not, education your boss.
If so, is your boss just looking to terminate you?
Either way, an honest conversation appears to be in order, especially since it's a medical issue that you have no control over. :p
But it sounds like he/she's either an idiot or an asshole. Sorry, Op, best of luck.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

45- *Glances at his previous post*
Lol! It appears I wasn't paying enough attention in my haste to post! :D
You are quite correct, educate, my bad. ;)
ps: I thumbed you up for that.

  mimerino  |  9

You have a 22 and are having surgery? Wow, get a brace and a better doctor. Also, not to be insensitive, but there's not much I hate more than people with curves under 25 saying, "omg! I know how you feel!" I have 68 upper and 57 lower curves, and you have no idea. I didn't even realize I had scoliosis until it was above 35. After I do get surgery, it'll be close to your angle, #11. And it'll be a freaking RELIEF.

By  dead_insects  |  18

I fail to see how a straight back indicates interest in one's job. Sorry you have an asshat for a boss. I personally comend you for going to work each day with a condition such as yours....