By Loveless - 05/06/2011 12:23 - Canada

Today, I bought a dog to make me feel less lonely. He ran away. FML
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You should've bought a hippo. They're too lazy to run away.

get a cat, see how that works.


Aww I'm sorry. my dog ran away too.

Everyone below this comment has a large penis


17- it takes more than one vote to reject an fml

9- actually had to think about this one...are you saying from a boner? (referring to #1's pic)

especially the girls

especially the girls

Suddenly, all the girls below 9's comment are male.

Aww do you think I look pretty? (:

I just commented so I can feel better about myself. FYL OP.

weird...all comments are gone

My hopes and dreams were just crushed; curse you comment deleting admins.):

Haven't you heard of a leash?

ever heard of get some fucking friends?

Hey when God gives you lemons, you find a new God!

it probably didn't like you

This sucks, ?

Like really!!!!!! I totally had to like this one

114, when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold. that's from Atmosphere.

not even animals love you OP.

eh srry for u be sad becuz u dog leve u srry I am Russian not be america

no, u go to

You should always make sure you have an eye on a newly bought dog. No matter what, they just think of you as someone new and are likely to run away. Keep the dog in or on a leash for a while until he/she knows that he/she is part of the family. Even still it could run away, so just make sure you always take precautions etc. Hope this helped out for the future.

162 - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


get your dog really fat next time, or get like a hamster

get a cat, see how that works.

yuh.. treat dat pussy right and it will never run away..

I have a feeling that the cat would find a way out too..

maybe the owner is such a horrible person that any animal or person can't stand to be near them. or they're just a reallllyyyy boring person, in that case, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT OP!

ya know what this calls for... Pet Rock!

#2 your picture is awesome!

90 - i dont think he heard u, chewbacca ate him

dude cats suck dog: I get fed and played with all day I must be in heaven / cat: I get fed and played with all day I must be a god

for reference, my retarded friend asked one day if he would like him to create a FML account for myself, the name was not my decision, unfortunately. the pic was all me tho.

AGREEEEEEED fucking hate cats.

#2 your picture is awesome!

get a hamster. it won't be able to escape as it will be in a cage.

my hamster escaped from it's caged ALLLL the time!!!! Then I had to lock that shit down like a prison. Hasn't gotten out since.

How about fish?

I hope the dogs okay.

Don't worry the dog is fine. My belly is nice and comfortable.

Yeah. OP's dog was name Bethoven. He's very successful without OP.

I realy don't care about the person who wrote the FML I'm worried about the dog 

I realy don't care about the person who wrote the FML I'm worried about the dog 

Woahh both your comments are the same number!! O.o

183: Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not magic. There's a comment bug.

You should've bought a hippo. They're too lazy to run away.

Or a drug dealing monkey.

82- ooh good thinking! that would actually come in handy ^_^

82 hangover part 2 lawl

A tad late, but I'm gonna say it anyway "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER."

Shark with GPS.

let's start a combo breaker combo so no one could break it. C-c-c-combo breaker!!

nice job 113! better late than never :)

What about a catfish named Platypus who moves like a sloth who has a rock with a picture of a drug dealing monkey on it? / :D

First the monkey, now my hat. This day couldn't get any worse.

yeah and it would eat you :)

I still don't get why it is legal to purchase an animal but not to purchase a human...

or... Why not Zoidberg?

Or a horse named Sarah Jessica Parker.

82 - How would it get the drugs though if it can't escape every once in a while (cause of it got outside once it would see a chance at a better life with someone else and run away) sorry for destroying any dreams out there.

Well, they don't shed...

cha cha cha chia (:

I'm sure OP will find. way for said pet rock or Chia Pet to run away...

why would someone need to buy a rock....all you gotta do is look for one...possibly, I dunno, outside??

the pet rock will commit suicide

True enough..OP can come to my garden and get

u want op to "get some" out of ur garden!?

XD Hell no! "Get some rocks"

there's rocks outside!? what!? :) let's see how many haters I get because of this :)

#134 you crack me up

Op can get his rocks off in her garden?

I feel ya bro! or sis...that's happened to me before

I feel ya bro! or sis...that's happened to me before

get a smaller pet, turtle or guinea pig maybe? :)

maybe OP will lose the smaller pet. they can crawl away easier. I suggest to buy an elephant, you can always find them if they run away.

No, op should get a turtle. Turtles can't run. :D

aww that really sucks):