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  RouletteRed  |  6

You should always make sure you have an eye on a newly bought dog. No matter what, they just think of you as someone new and are likely to run away. Keep the dog in or on a leash for a while until he/she knows that he/she is part of the family. Even still it could run away, so just make sure you always take precautions etc. Hope this helped out for the future.

  sensoon15  |  7

maybe the owner is such a horrible person that any animal or person can't stand to be near them. or they're just a reallllyyyy boring person, in that case, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT OP!


for reference, my retarded friend asked one day if he would like him to create a FML account for myself, the name was not my decision, unfortunately. the pic was all me tho.

  Trevan13  |  7

82 - How would it get the drugs though if it can't escape every once in a while (cause of it got outside once it would see a chance at a better life with someone else and run away) sorry for destroying any dreams out there.