By crazycatlady - 24/08/2016 09:43 - United States - Ashland

Today, I woke up with my cat's asshole planted firmly on my forehead. FML
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One_In_Three 24

At least it wasn't on your mouth.

StiffPvtParts 43

I once woke up to my cat puking hairballs on my face, but that's just me. As OP knows very well by now, cats are assholes.

I wake up like that about twice a night, and then every morning. I rather have that, than my cats not sleeping in my bed.

Welcome to the club, OP! The joys of being a cat owner...

if you buy a cat you buy its asshole with it.

"When you buy a cat, it's an asshole, deal with it." -to compliment the above comment somehow. :I

Firmly you say? "Get off you stupid cat! *grunt*" *SCHWOOP* Also, worse yet, thinking it is the GF coming to kiss you good morning, until you remember "Wait, she doesn't use lipstick."

TheNoNameGuy 20

it was funny in the beginning. then you kept going..

I think your cat coinspired with Spongebob and Patrick: "Firmly Plant It!" *Puts Ass In Owners Face*