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Today, I ignored my cat's incessant meowing, and pushed him away every time he wanted to be petted. The next time I walked downstairs I found him dead. FML
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it's more like your cat's FML "Today i was dying and i was trying to say goodbye to my owner, she just ignored me. FML"


FAIL attempt at trolling. get a life. Sorry other person, that just sucks :(

To this and all the other people insulting the OP... I guess, most of you aren't cat-owners. I, however, am. And I really care for them. But I still can't - or don't want to blame the OP for the death of her cat. First of all, cats are (unlike children btw) able to look after themselves. They usually do anyway - although they depend on their humans especially concerning food (to a certain degree). That's when they complain - because they are hungry or want "pettins" or something like that. It's not exactly a sign that they are sick or in pain. My cats complain all the time - especially since I moved away and my mom started to spoil them...but if they are sick, they behave completely different. They actually stop complaining, retreat somewhere quiet and tend to avoid us. Unless we find them and take care of them...they seem to like that. You can notice that a cat is sick, because she behaves different, not because she meows. Shit, if everytime they meowed like hell, I brought them to a vet, the vet would be a millionaire now. Even if a cat purrs, it doesn't automatically mean she's comfortable. Even dying cats purr, sometimes even if they are bleeding to death after being hit by a car. This being said, it is completely understandable that you just don't have the patience and energy to fulfill all your cats wishes. Sometimes you just want them to **** off and hunt mice...for example when you are working on that important paper and the cat decides that the keyboard is a good place to nap. Or whilst cleaning your room...and so on. Sounds cruel? Maybe. But you can't just watch them and care for them 100% of the time. If you'd do that with your kids, one would call you overprotective. And cats are - unlike kids - able to take care of themselves. Oh, and...cats don't say goodbye...

LOL i love the goodbye thing .. you are life

hey asshole dont just grab onto my comment just to get yourself noticed have you no shame

Don't randomly insult people because you think it makes you look cool. Idiot. (No, that wasn't randomly)

I agree ; i mean seriously the story could've gone ' I cuddled and petted my cat all day and then it died' but almost everybody ignores their cat when theyre busy. and for everyone that says the OP isnt feeding or taking care of it they probably are and it just died because it was sick otherwise she wouldve been complaining for days because of thirst or hunger i mean seriously her cat dies this happens all the time

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how was she a ****? she was a moron but not a ****

I'm sorry, MercyFML. :( That's my dad's birthday! Poor kitteh. My dog died right outside the vet's office we had driven an hour to get to....

The people insulting the OP are seriously messed up. My cat meows for my attention ALL THE TIME. Most of the time, if I'm just on the computer wasting time like right now, I'll stop and pet him, but sometimes if I'm doing work I'll have to ignore him.

At least you were able to tell your pet goodbye. I was five when my dog died. We had been on vacation and took him to a kennel or whatever and he died there. ::sigh:: It was also the last time I ever cried.

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all of you little ******* who are making fun of the cat you deserve to be dead! all of you shut the **** up! god your ******* cat was trying to say goodbye but you were too busy pushing him away bitch! god thats is so horrible i want to cry! If youre going to have pets, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM

Dude dogs are better anyway, especially my puppy :D ______________________

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man, the FML and all of the comments are making me sad

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haha! :D (about SUBTEXT) to the OP, sorry.

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This may seem funny, but this sounds like my friend. She had a cat and loved it vary much. However, it seemed to want petting time when she was usually doing homework or was too busy to take a kitty break. Well, after a few months she saw that her beloved cat was too sick to live and had to be put down. She felt just as bad for her cat and asked herself many times over why she did not stop and play. Don't be upset. You had no idea of knowing your cat would die. If you had, I am sure you would have pet it.

Why? It's a cat :P _________________________

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you're a ******* bitch. you think you know the whole story through 5 lines? in the last ten years i've had four cats die, not one of them "tried to say goodbye." they sneak off somewhere to die alone to keep disease spread to a minimum. this is something that 99% of animals do. most likely the cat had a sudden heart attack or stroke and wasn't sick at all. ******* retard.

this was supposed to be a reply to whoever called the OP a bitch. seriously, **** you.

I believe that was the first guy, Kingston ________________________

so you're telling me that people from FML have added you on myspace? uh there's a lot of crazies here... you sure you want that? and ps, im not a girl so comparing me to medusa isn't really effective. in fact, it would be cool to have the power to turn people into stone.

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You ******* ****. I hope you die next.

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Dude, why bother arguing with him? So what if he thinks you're ugly, he's the ****** who can't make friends in real life setting i.e. school, neighborhood, etc., so he has to try adding random people form FML. He also states FML is 'stamped on certain peoples' heads'. What about yours, mister? Advertising your MYSpace to add random 'cool people' is pretty much an FML. Also, in case you didn't know, people DO tend to lie. When you get the 18-year-old Gina from Idaho, you just might be getting 37-year-old pedophile Andrew from Ohio.

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I know that feeling. My cat came home missing his 2 front feet. It was the saddest, worst feeling ever finding him on my be like that I was devastated. There was nothing anyone could do for him. He must have been in SO much pain but to still come home to me-because he thought I could help Im sure! When I found him he purred... (of course I cried heaps!) I feel for this person-Because she didnt get to say goodbye to her cat AND the last thing she did was 'mean'. She probably feels guilt ridden!

"Actually that tactic of 12 years ago still applies to you apparently, I guess not everyone's balls drop after so long. It's ok I'll try and stay at your lower level :)" ^^^ you just basically proved my point. you take what people say and throw it right back at them. real original. and TJ, I'm not insulted that he compared my face to medusa (starchild just learned who that is from his history class since he's in the 6th grade). I'm "arguing" with him because he's too much of a dumbass to realize that he's pathetically reaching out to strangers on the internet to be his friend. "You're very cute for sticking up for your boyfriend though :) Do you guys live in San Francisco?" ^^^^ again. is that the best you can manage? a gay lover insult? grow up, kid. only desperate retards publicly advertise their myspace profiles on places like FML. don't come crying to us when your bunghole is violated by someone who you thought was a "real good friend" you met on the internet.

omg u people are heartless. maybe she didnt have time to pay attention to her cat that day, u dont know how she treats her cats or how much she loves them so NO ONE could possibly deserve this. Im soo sorry that would suck :( not that I know starchild at all...BUT just out of curiosity because I've seen him comment on here a lot and sometimes I just like to see who those people are, I've been to his myspace profile before and read through it...and it says he's in the Navy, so Casualt1234 I HIGHLY doubt that starchild is living a "pathetic life" as you claimed in one of your replies...his life probably has a lot of meaning aside from friends. Also, I've always had my myspace URL on my profile here, because before they added the messaging feature to FML it was so totally anonymous and I hate when people think they can insult others and that they're so awesome...simply because of the fact that the other person wasn't able to talk back. If I say something that pisses someone off they can message me and bitch about's a simple as that.

Starchild: Seriously? It's only a cat? You truly are an ass. You say you want to meet new people and talk to them but instead you start an extremely mature conversation about someone's ugly face? You, honey, are a FML.

you have to be the ******* worst animal owner i have ever heard of. You ******* don't deserve nice, sweet, caring animals. You get an animal in the first place to protect it, care for it, and PAY ******* attention to it, so you're not as lonely with your ******* pathetic life. FOR **** SAKES you make me so ******* mad i bet you anything you starve your cats and kick and beat them all the ******* are such a ******* ****. if you hate your cat that much bring it to the shelter and give it a decent home. its probably ******* miserable being with you and getting kicked out of the way when you have an "important paper" and telling it to **** off when really you are probably crying and watching **** because you are pathetic and sad and live a loney and depressing life. Ahhh that felt good to get off my chest you ******* cat killer...

Wow, way to be the biggest troll ever.

Kids, stop fighting a play nice, lol. It's just a meaning-less internet site. And as for the OP, sorry about that. And don't blame yourself. Who the hell thinks as soon as their cat starts meowing "HOLY ******* SHIT HE'S GOING TO ******* DIE". There was no way you could have known, and its totally not your fault. Life just sucks. And then we die. lol So don't worry about it.

Also, to the two people fighting over a ******* my-space page, you're both sad bastards because you need the internet to make friends. So GOOD FOR YOU!!! lol i love pathetic internet people. They're so fun.

subtext shut the **** up ******. cats suck.

YDI for Beeing a retard I love to pet cats especally kittens there soo fuzzy and cute :D and my cat tinkers {mew}

**** the cats life for haveing a retarded owner. >:(

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Not really, she didn't. But it's not an FML for her, either. F the cat's life, though. Oh wait...

The OP does not deserve this! seriously. just because they ignored their cat for once. It's not like they knew their cat would die. It's horrible for saying that they deserve to find their cat dead because they pushed it away. Sorry for your loss OP

Am I the only person who finds this FML extremely funny? I'm favoriting it

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Nothing you could have done to save it

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except, you know, care for it. she probably could've brought it to a vet.

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Well, it's pretty obvious the OP just thought the cat was being annoying and not ill. So it probably wasn't too clear the cat was in any true distress/needing vet care.

Or you know, it wasn't sick and died from something sudden. Maybe not. But it's rude to assume the OP is just irresponsible when you have no idea what the circumstance really are.

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Ummmm take it to a VET? A responsible pet owner knows their pets demeanors and if the animal starts acting wierd, it's not like they can ******* TALK and tell you. You Have to be responsible enough to pay attention. I hope this pet owner NEVER gets a pet again. (OR maybe theyve learned their lesson and will be more cautious with their next pet.)

Maybe it's a new cat, or maybe they arnt the primary caretaker. Don't assume it's OP's fault.

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462 for all you know that animal could've been in pain, i bet you would've been first to complain if the fml was "today my cute fluffy kitten looked as if it was in pain, but i just pushed it away and ignored its pleas for help fml"

What if you died and someone said "he's just dead get over it he was just a stupid idiot

Dude there is no way to tell if a cat is sick or just being annoying, so cut this guy some slack, his cat died!

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same thing happened to my dog I barely said hi to her but I didn't ignore her and the next thing ibknownshe got ran over by a car :'( I'm sorry

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my 11 year old dog recently died too, i knew he was sick so i took him to the vet. He got his medicine and was starting to recover. I had a weekend vacation planned a few hours away from my home so i left him with some family and when i got back he had died :*( Yo u didn't make sure he was still getting medicine if it came back and the dog needed it? YDI if you put that into an FML.

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the family members i left him with were still giving him his medicine, i just feel like shit cuz he died while i wasnt there

YDI asshole. When cats try to get your attention THAT badly, it's because usually something's wrong.

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My cat does this all the time and he meows all night so he can go into my room and annoy me while im trying to sleep so OP probably thought that the cat wanted food or to be petted... You ass

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Usually when my cat meows a lot he wants to be petted or cuddle. Even some wet food. Don't jut assume that if a cat meows a lot that something is wrong. I'm sorry op. I know how you feel my 13 year old cat was killed by my neighbors dogs. Worst thing ever.

My cat meows constantly. He either wants to go outside or be fed. And if I don't do that right away he'll come into whatever room I'm in and keep crying. The only way I'd be able to tell if he was hurt or sick would be if he showed other symptoms

You monster! How could you ignore a cat when he's crying like that? I would say YDI, but that cat didn't deserve to die. I have no sympathy for you though. You're a horrible HORRIBLE person!

Like when dogs whimper, that's how they cry! Cats meow pitifully. In any case, the animal was suffering.

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my cat will just sit at the door and cry for hours and when i let it outside it wants to come back in 5 minutes later so half the time i ingore him too until i get annoyed because i know what will happen... so what.. because i dont answer to my cats every request he is going to die on me... most likely the cat was old and it didnt know what it wanted so i went to its owner... its not like we actually understand what they are saying when they are crying.. they dont speak human

8- are you by any chance an animal rights activist? if you are, maybe stop bitching about a cat and stick up for your own race. OP probably had nothing to do with her cat's death

#8- Are you high? How was OP supposed to know the cat was in pain. News flash - animals make noises. Sometimes cats meow because their bored and want to play. Sometimes they want to go outside. Sometimes their in heat. It's not like OP could have known anything by the cat simply meowing. You obviously have never had a pet, but every time the bark or meow, you don't typically shell out 65 bucks unless there are other signs. FYL, OP, I feel terrible for you.

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I wanna say you're much worse than the OP. Cats are one of the more clean of the household animals, as long as it's not being raised by an tard. Litter training isn't hard. Of course, unless you're a tard. I'm assuming you're a tard...

i wouldnt let you get any more cats ya dumbass. killing cats is mean.

It's called a litterbox. My cats hardly use it because they go outside to go to the bathroom. Then they come inside and sleep. I agree with #26: you're a tard.

YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!! WHAT THE ******* ****?!?!?!? IMMA KICK U OUTA UR OWN HOME AND MAKE SURE U CANT COME IN AND THEN MAKE U GET HIT BY A CAR!!!!!! you motherfucking asshole! you make me sick

Horrible grammar can be found in the comment above mine.

UsernameInCanada 7

That is horrible! Just walk your dog a couple times a day, and once before you go to bed for the dog to pee, then get the cats a litter box. P.S. You should never get more pets!

403- rage! but I understand, this douchebag shouldn't be allowed any animals. not even a turtle

you should never do that. it is animal cruelty and you should not be able to tkae care of an animal again, OP.

WTF? Go die motherfukin asshole, u clearly dnt know how to take care of pets...

Just when my faith in humanity was almost restored, you had to come along and make me lose it again. Jesus! How dumb are you?! I agree with #26 and I hate you.

It's people like YOU who make me want to move to mars

you should go ******* die asshole poor cat