By SouthPaw - 14/01/2015 21:48 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, I confronted my wife because I thought the many hours a day she spends at a local coffee shop were so she could smoke. Turns out she's cheating on me. FML
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For a lot of people, cheating would be their first guess.. You sound so very trusting, OP. I hope she hasn't completely ruined that quality in you forever.

i guess the only plus side is she isn't smoking...


i guess the only plus side is she isn't smoking...

Yes she is, she is smoking white owls. Or playing the skin flute.

Haha well, that's one way to find a silver lining.

who the hell cares if she's smoking or not, OP shouldn't be concerned the least for her now.

She was smoking her lovers meat log.

I'm curious if she got the coffee then had sex, or had sex in the coffee shop? Either way, she's smoking something...

#44- Or lied about going to the coffee shop..

xivoricbutterfly 25

Both of those actions are pretty bad. Sorry op I hate cheaters. Isn't one person enough?

It's a shame some people buy into "the grass is greener on the other side" bullshit. Hope you find someone who loves you unconditionally.

^ it's not really bullshit. But you're right it shouldn't apply to this scenario

#2 while I whole heartedly agree with you we can not assume that OP is blaimless for all we know he is a abusive neglectful jerk even if he doesn't realize he is(well I mean emotional or mental I don't think he could not realize physical) I am not saying cheating should ever be condoned but it is entirely possible he deserves it and lost her because of his own actions or lack there for of. of course it's equally plausible that she's just a worthless soul crushing slut who used him then cheated on him. my point being we do not know the situation or the whole story

40, I disagree. Even if Op is a huge jerk and treated her badly she still should have broken up with him before she started dating someone else. That's the one thing I don't understand about cheating, even if you're attracted to someone else, break up before you go there. I'd rather my boyfriend call me and dump me right before he makes out with someone else rather than him cheat on me.

@42 - Sounds like you're really into semantics. Why does it matter if he dumps you right before kissing somebody or if he waits until the morning after? Either way, his heart still belongs to somebody else and he's still leaving you for that person. Cheating or not, the result is the same. You're still losing the person you love/care about to somebody else, and it's not as though he engaged in a ton of deceit and distance to do so. Of course, this doesn't apply to long-term affairs, I'm simply referring to your terrible example.

#42 I generally agree but I'm saying is you can't say its wrong 100% of the time. what if she can't get out of the relationship for some reason. #45 yeah you're right simantics and long term relationships are different but you saw my point right?

#30 the grass is greener where u water it. When in a committed relationship you shouldn't be looking for your next trade up

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... Too easy...

Not cool.. Have some respect for OP's emotions

FML staff pleased fix the grammar from 'me' to 'my'.

Sorry that happened to you nobody deserves to be with somebody who does that kind of thing to them. Hope you end things with her quickly

Sorry OP, that's really awful.

Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee!

Are you sure she wasn't hooking? I mean, maybe she said she was going out to get a cock fee and you wanted to hear coffee.

I mean that is understandable happens to me all the time!

sorry op, but at least you found out

For a lot of people, cheating would be their first guess.. You sound so very trusting, OP. I hope she hasn't completely ruined that quality in you forever.

As sad as it is to say this, they were married and had a commitment, so the odds that she ruined that good quality of his are pretty high... ...Or maybe he's just naive..

How is being trusting a quality? You never regret being too cautious with people. OP learnt this the hard way.