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Today, someone caused over $400 worth of damage by breaking into my car, just to steal $8 worth of beer. FML
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My grandpa says not to lock your car if someone wants something enough to steal it they will break the windows and that just cause some damn damage

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As stupid/drunk as this car thief was, he probably wouldn't even bother trying the handle and just break in anyway. Even if it was unlocked. Of course, that would make a truly epic FML...

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Must have been some damn good beer..

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A rock is free. Beer is $8.00. It was cost effective for someone.

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Aww man all the Juicystar comments got removed... They always make me laugh so hard..

Hold up, i was number 1, where my comment go

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What really? Bud Light is the beer of the gods.

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What I don't understand is if it's alcohol they're after, wouldn't it make more sense to break in a car and steal something more valuable, sell it, and therefore be able to buy multiple beers? Or even better, do something that's not illegal and work for the cash?

Wow it takes real effort to be that much of an asshole.

I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I steal it from someone's car. Stay wary, my friends.

well, would you rather have them steal something more expensive?

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This most definatly was kids that ****** u over

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If it was downtown around all the bums, I could understand that. People downtown where I live are crazy. They just out of no where start yelling at the wind. I personally think its because they're drunk. I feel bad for you.

Probably drunk from the beer they steal from OPs car.

Does your insurance pay for the stolen beer too?

to OP suck it up princess its not like it expensive or anything

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i'm sorry someone did all of that damage just for some bear. that was soo unnecessary!! :(

I'm pretty sure it's not the beer OP is worried about, it's the 400 bucks of damage to his car! Yeesh. Learn to read more than a third of the FML. Asshat.

NOOOOO!!!! They got the beer!!!! Track that motha f*cka DOWN

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^ why would he do that? it's only beer he probably bought at the corner store. getting his car fixed is gonna cost a lot more! :-((

Juicystar777, just curious, how old are you? I've seen your comments and you seem really, really mature and streetwise. Makes me proud to see people like you exist. :))

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29- I believe it was beer stolen not a bear, although that would be cooler.

55 - I think she's one of those people who purposefully act stupid because they have followed some sort of logic, in which the level of stupidity is directly proportional to the level of cuteness.

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55 - awe thank you!! :) but for safety reasons, i'm not gonna put my age on this site right now..but i'm in HS.

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78 - um, no, i'm afraid your hypothesis is incorrect. . . why do you all call me stupid and stuff? idc if this is a website, i have feelings too ya know.. i know i can be oblivious to things at times, but there's no need for hate.

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This isn't just any website it's

If you're in high school what grade you in? Your age isn't your social security number but it gives us an idea of your general age. Im a Senior in high school.

29, you know there is an edit button, right? And there's even a nifty little badge for using it.

29 - I don't know, if it was me against a *bear,* I would probably break into someone's car also. O_o Lmao at 55 and 80. Makes my day xD

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^ what is seriously up with you calling me a troll? i said it once, and i'll say it for the last time, i'm not a "troll" - whatever the heck that even means!! and dude, why do you want to know how old I am? that's pretty cool that you're a senior, but my age really isn't anyone on this website's concern.

So we can associate your age with your mental and maturity level. Or cause it would be a "fun fact" And so i can rip on you if your a freshman

^ "Original poster." On FMyLife, it's quite simply referring to the one who wrote/experienced the particular FML that is being commented upon. I plea with you all, leave 80 up! ;_;

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juicystar: so putting where you're from and your name in your profile isn't good for security reasons. you know that right?

juicystar777 4

alright, but how many Kylie's do you know? my name is very common. i'm sure you'll find many living in California. such as Kylie Jenner, for example.

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105 - *you're and lol. suure! :)

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my point is saying an age isn't going to get someone to find me. im 22. alright people im waiting for the knock on my door.

Im 18, now im waiting for the hackers to bring my cell phone bills trough the roof, find my adress, and find my bank statements The cookies in my jar and under tight security after hours, mind you all.

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Damn. Why don't you guys just leave her alone? What the hell do you have against her? She hasn't been mean or disrespected any of you. Your all just bullies. Smh...

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thank you 134. and silentbutfunny - can you get over this, please? you're making a big deal out of nothing. i'm sorry you're so hurt that i won't give you my age that you feel the need to act like that. i'm not on this website to deal with hate over the Internet from people like you. i'm here to have laugh. with that being said, i'm done.

juicystar777 you are perhaps the stupidest person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, please stop commenting before I jump off a bridge, thank you and good day ma'am.

juicystar777- If you haven't noticed we squeeze as much amusement out of the oblivious and over sympathetic on this website because it's fun. So yeah, we're all ******* with you. Learn the ways of the Internet young one.

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And hide yo husband, cause they rapin' errybody out here.

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But guys, DO NOT FORGET. Just leave your door unlocked.

did you try turning it off and on again? wait that doesn't seem the right question...

^ what are you doing to that dog in your pic? I'm pretty sure that's illegal lol

The dog didn't have bunny ears of its own so I provided them for purposes of entertainment.

Well why had OP not drank the beer? Definitley a YDI

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muhahaha.. "ALWAYS hide your beer" - says who? The twelve-year old. Nice.

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Spend money to make money,right?

SignUpisntcool 3

Sorry, I didn't use the phrase the best way. I tried my best mom, I mean it!(sniff sniff)

Actually, keep going. Your comments help raise the self-esteem of others who make terrible comments.

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Spend money to make money,right?

Hard way to learn not to leave valuables or alcohol in plain sight in your car. Throw a blanket or a coat over it next time.

I can't beerieve some people would do that!

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I really hate that kind of crap.

If they can make 8 bucks... Theyll go as far as to break in a car...

Am I the only one who is imagining this with a Chinese accent?