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Today, concerned about my daughter's recent behavior, I looked through her web browser history. I found web searches for information on how to make a bomb to blow up a "horse". I'm not sure if she's illiterate, but either way it seems I need to get her some help. FML
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Evilpirate 10

Don't see how a veterinarian can help.

It would beHOOVE you to get help from more than just a veterinarian.

Cadillac4427 8

lmao, I see what you did there, good job.

Congratulations #69. You do have a 20/20 vision.

Going to take a shot and say it's not "a ******", but instead "a house"...

An acceptable typo seeing that u and r are on opposite sides of the keyboard. Easy mistake to make if you're typing without looking.

32, who are you correcting. Is it that #2 should have said "whoues"?? Even if OP meant "house" that doesn't explain the mishap above...

Because they're filthy, carries diseases and take your money.

Obviously she meant "a hearse". Death to all dead people!

It would appear that my joke was so funny that no one got it.

it appears that your joke wasn't funny to begin with

BradTheBrony 19

It appears that they were being sarcastic and that most people on here bitch about when obvious sarcasm isn't understood.

Lucky she meant a horse and not your house!

Well perhaps the "up" was a typo. Then that takes this Fml in a completely different direction, and it's probably safe to say that you still need to get her some help.

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perdix 29

Everypony! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That crazy bitch is trying to blow up Equestria.

"YOLO is Carpe Diem for stupid people."

Seems like the only thing that can save them is the friendship of magic.

That or she really hates Jessica Parker...

Alert the neigh-bors, they could be potential targets too

Yes and don't forget to call the pigs if you catch her doing it.

ZomBgal 12

Personally, I wouldn't let her know you searched her browsing history. She might have a cow...

PePziNL 20

She's probably too chicken to do it anyways.

She's got some beef with you for sure, OP.

If this goes on much longer, it could get hawkward.

Hold your horses. I think it's best to talk to her about it first before we go any further

#53 as long as no one brings up their ****, we should be fine.

Guys, stop joking around, this is steer-ious business. We don't want op to be a cattletale, but they can't ignore this.

Guys, these jokes are way too Bahhhhhhhhh-d. We have to stop horsing around. To get straight to the point, these puns are udder-ly ridiculous.

BradTheBrony 19

These jokes are bad. ******'... moo or some shit. (nailed it)

I thought bad behaviour was going to be mouthing off or using profanity. Calling this a bad behaviour is an understatement

Well I'm sure that could be easily explained.

Mitchman7 8

well if she can't spell house correctly.I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about

Yep that's it because the jails are full of literate people!

#12 well if that's the case, then I shall go rob a bank. When they try to arrest me I will tell they have nothing to worry about, because I'm dyslexic. I sometimes misspell my sdrow.

Never look through someone's web history, you will never find anything good.