By Anonymous - 28/12/2012 04:58 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my car was broken into. What was stolen? My daughter's $11 One Direction poster. What will it cost to fix my car? $1,000. FML
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NukedaZoo 4

Looks like we know who's paying for it, but I'm trying to point any fingers.

TheRandomIndian 17

1- Are you saying OP's daughter should pay for it? Because that sounds pretty unreasonable.

A little girl liking a terribly boy band that is aimed towards little girls is hardly her fault. Don't know many people raising their daughters to not like pop music.

First stop pretending it's your daughter's poster.....

Nope, directioners beat beliebers in the crazy contest. Just go on tumblr under the "one direction" tag

1DLover74 6

Directioners are rather crazy. But in a good way, I am proud to be part of their fan base. Beliebers are way wacky. The horrid twitter people are Beliebers. Plasticbieber, amandaswaggie. And swifties are even worse. They trended "Directionersdeservecancer" because of Harry and Taylor.

Karalela44 15

I'm a Directioner...yeah we're pretty ****** up ._.

brittdeshae 13

Nope, not anymore. These one direction fanatics have taken the crown for most insane, and rather annoying group of fans.

112 - Uh no, you should learn your facts. Swifties start the least drama. Notice how perfectly fine Swifties were on twitter before jealous Harry girls started sending them hate. And a TROLL who was a DIRECTIONER started that trend. So yeah.

I'm a directioner and belibers rnt half asncrazy as us..

I'm a directioner and belibers rnt half asncrazy as us..

We're not dedicated. We need to admit, some of us (or most) are stalkers.

So what if we have crazy crushes on HOT famous British/Irish pop stars? What's any skin off your back for it? We don't go hating on you for things you love, so why even bother hating on us? I just think its pretty pointless...

I didn't know they had music in Canada.

CharresBarkrey 15

Horrible, horrible music. Like Justin Bieber and Nickelback.

I'm sorry, you must not have heard of Michael Buble, Celine Dion, and Bryan Adams then.

18- those artists shouldn't be in 1 sentence together.

Or Barenaked Ladies, Metric, and Alanis Morissette.

Deadmau5 is the Canadian apology for JB and nickleback

LiterOfCola 16

SUM 41! Canada's redeeming band.

CharresBarkrey 15

18 - I don't consider any of those good artists.

Karalela44 15

108- gtfo if you don't think good of Michael Buble

CharresBarkrey 15

116 - No, I think I'll stay. And I stand by my belief that his music is of no interest to me. You should really learn that you can in fact have differing opinions without insulting or putting someone down. Bare naked ladies is the only band in this thread I find listen-able. Sorry if I enjoy good music.

**** you, dude. Canada has lots of music.. yeah we came out with Justin Bieber, that doesn't mean we're ****** closed off from the world.

Yeah, you definitely "came out" with Justin.

Who would actually steal one of those, or for that matter pay 11 dollars for one

Teenage girls who are 'lyk sooo in luv with dem!!1!1!1'

oj101 33

Some girls I know paid $3000 for 1D tickets due to extreme shortages. What has the world come to if a 1D poster is worth more to someone than their dignity, civilian innocence and more than $1000 in monetary value?

You know some pretty dumb girls then

Let's go crazy crazy crazy when we see a 1D poster!

The_F3rris 11

Maybe they should go in a different direction.

We should take all the messed up Directioners and push them somewhere else!

Gee looks like the 1D fans are as unbalanced and have the same poor taste as the Twihards. Sorry OP

SashaPierterse 8

Hey I'm a directioner. Yeah I find them attractive and they have good voices and their songs are catchy. But I don't go around saying "OMG I'm gonna go to Madagascar and like marry dem all and hav like 68292 babies OMG I

SashaPierterse 8

I luh dem!" Because I know they don't know I exist. I get a lot of hate because I like this one band. But I also like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Taylor Swift, the script, and escape the fate. Don't judge a directioner by its other meth head Directioners.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

Ok, this comment is bound to get thumbed down, BUT HOW THE HELL IS AN ESCAPE THE FATE FAN ALSO A DIRECTIONER!? Oh, and if you happen to like ETF with Craig, I dislike you..very much.

67 - That does seem very strange... but hey, to each their own, right?

calibabe0321 6

Im a Directioner and I also like Escape the fate, Blink 182, Boys like girls, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Angels and Airwaves and alot more I'm really into punk.... There's nothing strange about it.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

Yea, it's not strange to most people. I just find it like this; if you like ETF or Slipknot, you have taste in music..1D doesn't go with it..(my opinion). Either way, we all have different music preferences, and I respect that.. except if you like Escape the Fate with Craig Mabbit, then **** you.

CharresBarkrey 15

Escape the Fate with Craig Mabbit is horrible, but he's a cool guy personally.

In all honesty, One Direction isn't a bad band. I Strongly dislike their music and their whole getup, but it appeals to their target audience. Saying their music is horrible is equivelent to critiquing the character development in Sesame Street.

57- you're trying to defend the fact that you listen to music directed at preteen girls, by saying that you listen to shit-tier bands like Escape the Fate? And to everyone else calling themselves a "directioner", my respect for you is right there with the kids who call themselves emo and cut themselves listening to BOTDF.

how do five gay guys walk? in one direction

It looks like a very bad case of the "One Direction infection"

witchdoctor1 9

Yea. People had bieber fever, it's starting to cool off. Or botdf mania. Make a guy wear skinny jeans and "scene hair" with a feminine voice and they become gods..-.- this world

having an std is much more pleasant than those -_-

Haha, shit, I'm sorry. Say to your daughter, there was a 1D concert, i was going to get you a ticket, but now I can't because your 1D poster costed me $1000.

That would hurt OP's daughter's feeling worse.

BusinessTurtle 8

16, that solves absolutely nothing and only results in making OP's daughter feeling more sad about the break-in.