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Today, my car died on a major road, a cop pulled over to help, he offered to jump me, while doing so because my battery was so dead he told me to put the gas on the floor, I did and my car roared to life, he then pulled me over five feet from where my car died to give me a ticket for a loud exhaust. FML
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AHHH WHAT A JERK!! i hate cops lol FYL

People who hate cops usually just say that because they've been caught doing something wrong. There's nothing wrong with cops.


AHHH WHAT A JERK!! i hate cops lol FYL

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This FML, has way, too many, commas

you guys say "**** the police" until someone robs your house or threatens to kill you haha.

He's a good person because they helped. Did the poster not deserve to be ticketed for having a loud exhaust because their car just broke down?

I literally came to read the comments to see if anyone else had noticed this!!

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agreed... that's why i don't eat pigs :/

Shut up they keep us safe you ass. Maybe the guy had a loud exhaust, and was too cheap to replace it. It's the law, you break it, you get punished.

#5 - WTF! You're right! Has this ever happened before?!

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That's so rude! #4- I agree with you to some extent. Yeah it is really good that police put their lives on the line for our safety and they do have to deal with alot, but it's their responsibility to enforce the law in a fair and just matter and that was neither fair nor just. Some policeman are just arses.. just like in any occupation. Even if that particular policeman had just come from a bad situation, it doesn't make it okay for him to take that out on someone else.

Too close to the end of the month and they start getting titchy about meeting quotas...

I moderated this one... I was gonna say "no" coz it didn't say Today but I accidentally clicked yes. gosh!

It says today,learn to read, and who cares if you've moderated it?

congrats you have now made the same mistake thrice it says today, it's the first word, learn to read you twit