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How do you forget where your boyfriend is sitting? The stupidity it would take for it to be a mistake... either way she's a twat.


Anything is possible. People have forgotten so many much more important things in life....read the news, I've seen kids die as their own parents or grandparents have forgotten them in the car. You never know where anyone's mind is and forgetting is totally possible.


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#22: people that do that shouldn't have kids. Either they are incompetent or uncaring, but they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

That sucks, op. Did she at least stop? She should have noticed that she was making out with the wrong guy!

I guess she was so into the movie she forgot what side you were sitting on. I wonder what her reaction was when she realized it was the wrong person.

I highly doubt it was an accident though I've seen dumber mistake so it's possible. If it wasn't then it's time for a change in you life.

Hopefully it was a mistake and theatres are dark and this stranger may have looked like you, otherwise talk to her and find out where her allegiances lie...

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