By MERRY FUCKMYARSEMASS - 26/12/2013 20:39 - United Kingdom

Today, my car broke down on the highway, and I had to call for a tow truck. It finally showed up, only to break down too less than a mile later. Cue nearly freezing to death while we waited for help to arrive for the both of us. FML
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A line of broken tow trucks assimilates.

Sounds like you were towtally screwed.


A line of broken tow trucks assimilates.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

...your host today, and forever, is Bad Luck Brian.

you didn't blow your engine did you

Bad luck after bad luck. Talk about coincidences

I was on a group bus trip and the bus broke down. The bus that finally showed up to take us broke down an hour later. That ruined bus charter trips for me.

was the guy at least good company?

It's the Sequence of Unfortunate Events.

Sounds like you were towtally screwed.

Frozen in place with shock, perhaps?

At least you didn't freeze to death? You even got your 15 minutes of fame on fml cause of it!

Yeah he's still alive! Plus by being with someone else they could have stared body heat if it got too bad.

My mind keeps telling me no, but my body…

Try to tell you no but my body keeps on telling you yes

That's some real bad luck, op. hope you're all good now!

this is really awful to happen on christmas, sorry OP. Hope you are alright now.

I feel much sorrow for you. I can't imagine what would happen to my paws in such cold.

sorry bout your luck. but tou have to get a picture of the tow truck towing a tow truck towing your car!

Towception (^_^)/

it's okay you do carry emergency equipment like smart people do right,, other wise you deserve it

carrying that would be common sense , but now a days common sense isn't common

well that TOWS.... haha get it? Anyone? ok....

That doesn't even remotely make any sense.

Maybe it's a pun on 'that blows'.

Dude, that failed spectacularly.