By Gibs - Brazil
Today, in my first month at the gym, I was running on the treadmill when my washcloth fell to the floor. Without thinking much, I bent down to get it, lost my balance and took the biggest fall. I no longer have the courage to go there, and I already paid a biannual package. FML
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By  Zanquis  |  22

Seriously? Sorry OP can't feel for you. You might think you judt had the biggest fall ever, but it is most likely that you didn't even make their top10.

Just take a few days off for your body and go again, they have already forgotten about it and so should you.

By  chessu  |  21

If you need to, give it a week just in case, but I promise you it's really not that big of a deal. The gym probably has hundreds of members so the chances of you being in there with the exact same bunch is incredibly unlikely. And even if it is - I for instance always try to avoid making eye contact because I don't want people to think I'm checking them out or judging or anything, and if you make no eye contact you won't really remember the face (unless your gym attire is like bright orange).

By  Regulate  |  21

Don't let that stop you! You had the courage to sign up and go there in the first place. We all fall. In all aspects in life. I believe in you OP. You can do it!

By  jk_waks  |  20

I do agree with most of the comments here that you should just laugh it off and go back because it happens to many people. Or if you just are too embarrassed then you can go back at a different time because different time means different people and you don't have to face those again?

By  Garnetshaddow  |  30

I'm so sorry OP. That does really suck. I've had my fair share of workout accidents. Some of them took place at the gym I was working at! Even more recently, I took a spill in yoga and nearly swore in the "silent sanctuary." I hope you don't give up. It's awful to feel embarrassed, but you will feel better. Another gym klutz is here cheering for you!