By Anonymous - 26/12/2013 17:27 - United States - Bessemer

Today, I announced my pregnancy to my husband. He responded with, "Well shit, when do these faucets turn on?" and started honking my boobs. FML
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Well then. It could have been worse.

DeoVolente 13

"When this one stops" ~kicks in nuts~


Well then. It could have been worse.

MichellinMan 20

I don't want to say it couldn't, because her husband could've simply hit her in the face with a crow bar. Yes, it makes no sense. But it's worse.

way to think on the bright side I guess...

He could have punched her in the gut like on that YouTube video "nap time".

At least he's happy about it.

Yeah, he could have left, claiming to be getting wine to celebrate, and then never returned. That would have been WAY worse.

He could have left op. At least he seems to have a sense of humor too :)

Umm, unless you haven't read it properly, he's her HUSBAND dude. He wouldn't leave.. err would he? So much for commitment.

58, If you're still asking that question, you're obviously new to FML.

#58- If you're asking that question, you're probably new to humanity.

revan546 24

Well... When do they?

near the end of the pregnancy

revan546 24

That was rhetorical

Rhetoric, like sarcasm, go over some people's heads like a 747.

Its a guy thing lol. I said it too

MichellinMan 20

If I get married, I'm not gonna act like a jackass when she tells me she's pregnant.

Jokes on you, jackasses make the best husbands.

man can anyone take a joke?

Only if it's funny :D

DeoVolente 13

"When this one stops" ~kicks in nuts~

Yeah, nothing like causing extreme physical pain over a little joke. Over-reaction ftw!!!

DeoVolente 13

@59 I don't think you quite understood the joke there, points for effort though

I got the joke, but at the same time I'm tired of everyone's reaction to be "kick him in the nuts!". I mean, not all of those comments are jokes and why is it ok to just haul off and kick someone in the balls? If you hit a woman like that you'd be a criminal, but men deserve it? Let's have a little equality here.

No way. He's making a silly joke. You're going too far.

At least your boobs are large enough to be honked.

I guess pretty much any boob could be honked, if you just pinch hard enough.

MichellinMan 20

8# I cringed a little when I read that.

#13 I think everyone did....

Actually, some people are really into it!

#48 I didn't

Yeah.......... If anything was too soon, it was when his "faucet" started running.

LOL well that's um......interesting.

Why did you even comment?

I bet he will try other methods while you are asleep.

Weird_situations 13

How endearing!! At least he's supportive

olpally 32

At least he didn't run to go buy wine and never came back like in a previous FML.. Haha.