By blonde - 29/09/2010 07:08 - Australia

Today, I saw a crash on the highway. The police weren't yet there, so I pulled over to help because I know CPR. No one needed CPR, but I had locked myself out of my car. My roadside assist won't come to highways, so I had to get towed away in front of everyone. FML
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What kind of shitty roadside assistance service doesn't go on highways??

Your username says it all. I have to say ydi now. lol


It's karma I bet he did somethig wrong earlier that day D:

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thats wat u get for trying to be a good person

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I thought all tow trucks had unlock kits in them... at least the one I used to work for did

cops would have been at the scene and they have kits to unlock your door for free. I doubt this is true.

37: A lot of PDs won't do lockouts for liability reasons. You can damage a car pretty easily sometimes.  36: I believe if the car is either a tricky make or is in a particularly dangerous area, some tow companies won't do lockouts. In the former case, they'll take it to a garage; in the latter, they'll move it to a safer location first. If it's up to the driver's discretion, they'll likely tow it, since it's a commission-based job and it's safer for them to move it anyhow. 

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karma is bs. good deeds get punished.

Our PD does unlocking, but you have to agree that they aren't responsible if your car is damaged.


dude your suppose to stare at accidents and keep driving...unless you saw it just happened and someone is stuck in a burning vehicle!! but other than that just smile and drive...or maybe not smile...but just drive damn!

39- I really don't like you, it's not personal or anything but...there is something I really hate about you.

That has nothing to do with karma dipshits.

life has taken a dump on someones life again. I'm sorry op fyl=/

definitely sucks!! You do a good deed and it back fires lol!

Yep, yesterday I stressed to my friend to be careful not to bust her head open while she goes rock climbing. I even helped her be safe, and I end up busting my head open.. OH WELL..Good deeds do always backfire.

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Leave it to the professionals lady. Just do like everyone else and slow down to 10 kph and gawk.

Actually you are supposed to stop if you actually witness the crash, and if no one else has stopped yet, what if someone DID need CPR?

that's what you get for being nice, a faceful of reverse karma.

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Actually...I don't give a ****. If I see a crash, I'm going to laugh, and keep driving. Thumbs down me all you want :P

wow...... you are a horrable person if somone died because YOU dident stop to help you would feel fucken sorry wouldent you???!!!!!!

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Correct. However, he left out the period.

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I'm gonna say YDI because for you to have locked your keys in your car, you would have had to lock it once you got out of it to offer your assistance, and shame on you for thinking that either one of the crash victims was going to jack your shit or someone was going to pull over on the highway next to a car wreck and do so. However, FYL because it's a ****** up world and after hearing some of the stories on this sight, someone just might have.

14: You're forgetting this powerful little thing called "force of habit." When you're distracted, sometimes your body acts independently from your conscious mind.

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43. Remind me to call you when I have a question about...everything!

Lulz. Thanks. My formula goes like this: Common sense + random life experience + Google = my argument/opinion/advice. :]

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On the contrary, I believe that if I was in the OP's situation, I would have abandoned all routine and focused solely on the victims of the car crash. Meaning that I wouldn't have remembered to lock my doors unless I had a conscious reason to do so...I probably wouldn't have even shut off my car before attempting to provide my aid. However, that's just me and I think the situation could have adhered to either one of our interpretations.

What kind of shitty roadside assistance service doesn't go on highways??

Only select companies are allowed to tow on highways. Dunno how it works where you are but most countries own highways and corrupted contracts for extra money is what they do.

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Leave it to perdix to educate the masses in proper usage of foreign languages.

Exactly! I can't imagine a more inaccurately named service than 'Roadside Assist' that won't assist at the side of a road! Usefulness fail.

Hang on! I just realised OP is from NSW, Australia, which is my home State! In that case, I'm highly dubious about this story - no roadside assistance organisation that I've ever come across has any restrictions like this, and furthermore, I've seen cars being fixed on the freeways by the NRMA vans (our equivalent to AAA or whatever). Either OP is currently somewhere else, or they genuinely DO have some sort of crappy service no sensible person would sign up for.

Zebidee If you buy a new car that comes with the crappy dealer roadside assist then yeah i would believe it. If it is nrma then they will stop anywhere

Ah, that makes sense (and is one of the few scenarios that does). I can't imagine signing up for a service that worked the way OP described, and besides, NRMA is hardly the most expensive service in the world.


that sucks..curse everyone out & run off :) problem solved

gday blonde. i would change to the nrma as i have seen them on near every freeway and toll way we have. including m4, m5, m7, f3, f2, great western, princes and pacific, oh and the newel and new england :D but hey, great that you stopped.. oh forgot the hume hwy when i broke down lol