By broken down and flat broke - 17/04/2016 14:41 - United States - Alexandria

Today, I had the lovely experience of witnessing a tow truck cause a couple thousand dollars' worth of damage to my broken-down car. FML
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Situations like these make me glad that lawyers exist (even if most would sue at the drop of a pin).


Who is this unfortunate lady named sue that everyone wants to blame whenever something bad happens?

In this case, the OP is well within her rights to file a suit, at the very least filing an insurance claim. I hope she got pictures.

This is why tow companies generally carry a million dollars worth of insurance. Just exchange insurance information with them and file a claim. They will either refer you to a shop or you can choose to go to one you trust.

That sucks. I suggest getting a lawyer.

They don't need a lawyer. Exchange insurance information and file a damage claim.

Situations like these make me glad that lawyers exist (even if most would sue at the drop of a pin).

This would go to the insurance companies first. Getting lawyers involved would only cost you more money...

Ugh... toe truck drivers. I just got into an accident the other day because a wheel and tire and everything flew off a van that it was towing.

Damn those toe truck drivers. Don't you hate it when they bump into a corner of a wall!?

I see what you did there lol

I meant tow :-(.

Well, w is right next to e. I do the same things all the time tho lol

I hope you took the license plate and company name... You can get your whole car repaired!

Hello lawsuit my old friend...

I've come to sue your ass again

Because a vision loudly crunching...

The tow company has insurance just for things like this.

Tow truck companies have huge insurance policies to cover situations like this, so long as you report damage ASAP, to the office that truck is based out of and the central office if they won't help, they will usually fully cover repair costs to keep themselves in good standings (meaning if it's not a write off they will pay you out instead of using their own insurance because it is a lot cheaper than having their policy costs spike).

And then they cover it due to liability no problem...make take a bit though