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Today, I went on a second date with a guy I really liked, and we started chatting over dinner. That's when he told me about his paranoia, and how he's unsure if I'm out to get him or not. FML
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tannertrevis 5

You should've whispered to your wrist," we've been compromised" asked to be exused, then secretly left.

Nooo really I thought it was perfectly normal.


mrsmillsy 10

That's such an awkward thing to say on a second date!

Nooo really I thought it was perfectly normal.

awkward maybe but at least he's honest, maybe he just wanted to get it out before op thought he had other problems. if op likes him enough she can think of ways to deal with it :)

For real though! I thought you're supposed to only bring that kind of stuff up on the third date! Any time before that is just weird.

Persecutory delusions aren't to be depicted as incompetence or idiotic, a fixed delusion is nearly impossible to overcome.

I feel bad for this guy... He obviously has some mental issues! :/ (I know, I know "You don't say!!!!" Just STFU ok...) It must be hard to live a life filled with so much fright. I hope he seeks help!

I know right. No trust among people at all, how sad. But seriously I feel bad for the poor guy, he really does need to get some professional help or he will never be able to have a normal relationship.

It's often hard for people with paranoia to seek help, because 90% of the time they would think the psychiatrist would be part of government attempting to get information and lethally drug the patient.

Run fast Run hard But make no mistake Run away

Shorties (Spelling?) rules for robbing a store? They could work too. SNATCH AND RUN!

kevinn95 0

She was out to get him! Into the sac if you know what i mean ;D Not anymore..

blcksocks 19

You should have let him know your paranoia about idiots.

slightly uncalled for, he can't help it! (yes I know there may be medication and things to deal with it but he didn't ask for the paranoia so there's no need for op to be a bitch about it!)

#8 So you think people with mental issues are dumb? Cause if that's the case, you don't seem very smart yourself...

citymayer 7

Wow. Must be a normal. You know what? I'll give you my depression for a few days and then see if you can call someone with uncontrollable mental problems an idiot. Ass.

You know, I would like to take something like that for a few days, just to walk a mile in their shoes. But then they would have to go through chemotherapy for me.

I'm stuck at the "we started chatting over dinner". Wouldn't it be more of an FML if you two didn't? Also, maybe it's just a weird way of saying he's not into you?

talk to him more abt this and assure him u have no such intentions. he could just be a tad insecure. give it some time ?

wlddog 14

Dear god don't try to surprise this guy or sneak up behind him and yell "Boo!" You could give him a heart attack or get a fork in the chest. Never expect a normal relationship from someone that is unable to be an asset to your life. He sounds like a burden to me.

wow. people are disgustingly judgmental.

22cute 17

There's a fine line between being judgmental and looking out for yourself in a relationship. A lot of people (especially young women) are so busy trying to be "nice" that they end up in really bad situations. You have to have the wisdom to look out for danger in a relationship. No one else can do it for you. This IS a potentially dangerous relationship for OP. I'd keep it in the friend zone and move very slowly...if she has that much interest in continuing.

Mommyof2_91 10

48 is absolutely right. I've been there, he was paranoid and schizophrenic among other things.

wlddog 14

I know people don't like reality. They want to think everything will be ok. But this guy can be dangerous. It's pretty obvious the people that thumbed me down have no actual experience with people like this.

oh I understand that he can cause damage but what happened to giving someone a chance? you honestly spoke of him like he is a murderer and there wasn't any need. yes I understand that it'll cause difficulty but maybe op can find a way of dealing with it. he's been honest with her and he shouldn't be labelled a burden before they even give the relationship a go.

wlddog 14

A persons safety should be that persons main concern. If she was educated and equipped to handle a situation like that then this would not be a FML. This would be just another thing in her life. As a parent of three, I would not risk my children with someone like that. In my eyes you need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. OP is her daddies little girl and if she were my kid (grown up or not) I would tell her exactly the same advice. Trusting people you just met is a survival skill. You simply don't trust strangers. Who cares if she has met him before.

I understand what you're saying but like I said, what's wrong with giving him a chance? what if one of your children had fallen in love with someone with a similar circumstance? would you stop them from seeing them because you know best? I'm not telling you how to raise children, you've got 3 I've got none but surely you let them learn from mistakes. just because the guy has paranoia doesn't necessarily mean her life is going to take a turn for the worst. there's a chance op went ahead and continued dating him because she could get past that. just because it's on here doesn't mean she can't cope with it, she may have just posted it for fun?

wlddog 14

I don't have enough information about OP's situation to make a judgment call to say he is safe enough to be given a chance. When it comes to mental disorders that revolve around that persons survival skills there are times they will snap and anyone caught in their way pays a very heavy price. If you are not fully prepared to handle a mental disorder, the best possible advice I could give anyone is to give them space. They are not always in control of their actions. Taking your own safety makes you a statistic.

It could be a sign of schizophrenia which could be very dangerous for you. Please be careful.

my schizophrenic best friend is the nicest guy I know...

wlddog 14

Hurray. One person out of the bunch is nice. I know of a Mountian lion that is nice. Does that mean I should trust them all?