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Today, I had the last wedding meeting with my fiancé at our church. Running extremely late from my friends house I failed to notice a small penis drawn on my forehead by my friends when I fell asleep after a party. The priest wasn't too happy and said numerous prayers for me. FML
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you mean passed out after drinking too much, not falling asleep ;)

At least it's a wedding meeting, and not the actual wedding.


spaghetti* church :/ the whole fml is ruined.

Op, you must have felt like a real dick-head!

I know, it should have said macaroni :(

Dear Lord, please remove this dick-head from the gene pool. In Your holy name we pray, amen Also, I think manicotti would be more appropriate.

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yeah i agree with 43 what is "manicotti"

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The priest wasn't happy cos he didn't get to touch the penis, he was hoping it would be on a little boy:)

C'mon now, pretty much everybody has has a penis drawn on them!

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It was a scale drawing of your own penis. And your fiance didn't notify you?

maybe instead of playing dress up with your friends you should have got back in the kitchen, you know to make your husband a sandwich

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I think people think the OP is a woman because "fiance" is male, while "fiancee" is female. Though, it could be a male/male marriage, depending on the state, of course.

most people use fiancé as a gender nonspecific term

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I thought priests liked the penis ;)

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He probably thought that the drawing was actual size and was praying for your husband-to-be to get some Enzyte or start jelqing. Otherwise, he'll have to hear your confessions of adultery when you discover real-sized sausages.

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"Now, my child, you must say Penis . . ., er, I mean, Penance. Yeah, that's it, Penance!"

you mean passed out after drinking too much, not falling asleep ;)