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you mean passed out after drinking too much, not falling asleep ;)

At least it's a wedding meeting, and not the actual wedding.


spaghetti* church :/ the whole fml is ruined.

Op, you must have felt like a real dick-head!

I know, it should have said macaroni :(

Dear Lord, please remove this dick-head from the gene pool. In Your holy name we pray, amen Also, I think manicotti would be more appropriate.

I'm so confused

yeah i agree with 43 what is "manicotti"

The priest wasn't happy cos he didn't get to touch the penis, he was hoping it would be on a little boy:)

C'mon now, pretty much everybody has has a penis drawn on them!

It was a scale drawing of your own penis. And your fiance didn't notify you?

ever thought they might be a girl?

absolute dickhead

maybe instead of playing dress up with your friends you should have got back in the kitchen, you know to make your husband a sandwich

I think the OP's a man.

I think people think the OP is a woman because "fiance" is male, while "fiancee" is female. Though, it could be a male/male marriage, depending on the state, of course.

most people use fiancé as a gender nonspecific term

I thought priests liked the penis ;)

lololol. priests like SMALL penises.

It said small penis.

ydi for going to the meeting

He probably thought that the drawing was actual size and was praying for your husband-to-be to get some Enzyte or start jelqing. Otherwise, he'll have to hear your confessions of adultery when you discover real-sized sausages.

"Now, my child, you must say Penis . . ., er, I mean, Penance. Yeah, that's it, Penance!"

wow what nice friends you have.

you mean passed out after drinking too much, not falling asleep ;)