By G. Briones - 23/11/2011 19:14

Today, my brother lost his first tooth, so I told him the tooth fairy is going to give him money. He now thinks The Rock is going to show up in his room. FML
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At least its better than Hebert the pedophile showing up in his room....

dtbomb 3

O man if the Rock came into my room I would be scared shitless because he is massive


That was a fucking awful movie too.

glutgyoogle 6

How is this an FML??

So I threw it on the ground!!!

Yeah, but who would complain if The Rock showed up in there room? I know I wouldn't.

rallets 22

it doesnt matter what you think!!! The Rock is gonna layeth the smackethdown on all yo jabroni asses!!! if ya smell-la-la-la-la-la-la-ow what The Rock... is cooking

Way to waste the first comment on the fml ^

Somehow, 1, your pic matches the comment you made... Both very creepy and unnecessary.

13FTW 9

48, #1 did not "waste" the first comment. He brutally fucked the shit out of the chances for anyone to post an ingenious comment as the first.

Yes. Yes, it was. xD

BayleeWasHere 1

OMG!! Your pic scared to F out of me...FML

13FTW 9

The "F" out of you? What's the "F"? Farts? Fanny? Flops? Fangs? I GOT IT. It scared the flockz out of you!! I so smart.

Fricking weirdo?? Who ousts that as their pic??!!! Frigging weirdos that's who.

113, calm down, it's just an album cover...

perhaps its his picture because he likes the band I don't really like their Singer but the instruments are good

HetaliaFreak 10

Hey, a big black man used to sneak into MY room at night, too!

this wasn't much of an FML, sorry

ChronicBluntz420 7

That's a fucking awesome picture.

bizarre_ftw 21

144 - they have counseling for that (I'm pretty sure the Rock isn't black so... Unnecessary racial insult?)

lol run in and rock bottom him in the middle the night

flockz 19

who did i come out of?

220- apparently BayleeWasHere got so scared, she relieved herself of you. Quick question: What were you doing inside of her?

BayleeWasHere 1

LOL!! "F" as in fudge! xD

BayleeWasHere 1

OMG people. I wasn't truly scared of the picture. It was just a shock because I was not expecting a demon picture at that time. Yes, now looking at it, no it's not scarry. Just the shock of it at that time. These haters don't need to get so worked up about nothing. xD Love ya!!

BayleeWasHere 1

( ^_^ )/

BayleeWasHere 1


Kids these days..

What an ironic comment for someone who's username looks like "pedophile", with a car as your picture. Free candy?

Better than finding than the undertaker in your room

32- The suffix '-phile' means "lover of". So the name Porchephile would hint that they love Porches.

Porsche** Pardon me.

99- kiss my ass.

but isn't pedo for foot I think it should be pediaphile like pediatrician

I love how I was about to get the kick ass comments badge, and then my comment gets moderated, thanks.

Stonedmanalex 0


midnightxloner 1

How does it get moderated?

More like movies these days

I'm not gonna lie, I'd much rather Barney's Turd giving me money. Fruity pebbles. Rise Against Hate. Hustle loyalty respect. Cenation. Chain gang. You Can't See Me. Anyone? ANYONE?'



Why does this have 32 thumbs down?

BayleeWasHere 1


BayleeWasHere 1

Losers these days.

At least its better than Hebert the pedophile showing up in his room....

"you wanna Popsicle? I got some downstairs. "

tsim_fml 0

in the family guy episode of stewie afraid of the tooth fairy, it wasn't herbert, it was some random guy dressed up as a fairy and rolling around in the teeth...

Or Gary Glitter?

28- WAY too soon.

Jerry Sandusky jokes are old. However, the boys in his shower, are not.

that's the way i like 'em!!!

FMLandurstoo 9

It's ok I'm here. Mmmmhmmmmm

At least it's not a sparkling vampire.

tsim_fml 0

28 - South Park has done it.... not too soon.

Herbert the pervert! :D

But with south park it's never too soon.

tsim_fml 0

185 - they must write so fast to get the jokes in so soon

The comment and picture work perfectly.

The stupidity of your comment and your picture go together perfectly.

When does the narwhals bacon? :) my username is happygal34 hmu

nuggetmonster 12

True that

CheeseOnTheSide 3

Lol watch him get a rock underneath his pillow.

Wicked361 8

Do you not know who The Rock is?

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is no pet.

I would also be very worried if I found him under my little brother's pillow

Shit, I'd take a former-college-football-player-turned-washed-up-actor over a quarter any day.

KalieRanee 4

That was a fail...

That comment is the definition of lame!

me_gusta_eso 1

And so is that one. ^

208 - somehow your comment and picture makes me despise you already.

So is yours

dtbomb 3

O man if the Rock came into my room I would be scared shitless because he is massive

Yes he is huge and I'm pretty sure it would scare anyone if he just magically appeared in someone's room

the Tutu might ruin some of that intimidation though

KiddNYC1O 20

If he appears as he does in Fast Five, I'm running... fast.

ShelbyyCakess 0

Man, if The Rock came into my room in the middle of the night I can only imagine what I'd do to him lmao.

flockz 19

if he was only wearing a tutu, then i wouldn't be intimidated by his scariness, it would be his massive rod.

Xly_fml 5

That movie was hilarious in a bad sort of way... your brother's awesome.

Jason199615 0

wow he thinks of huge gay men instead of a hot tooth fairy..

Yeah but If the kids straight I think he would prefer a hot tooth fairy rather than the rock

The ops little brother is just a little kid most likely, since its his first tooth, and he's probably not too interested in "hot tooth fairies" or am I the only one who thinks this? Oh right KaySL beat me to it.

I agree with 52, 97, and 104. It's a little kid. I'm pretty sure the only thing on his mind is toys. Not hot tooth fairies, gay, or straight people.

RebekahBrooke 9

I dunno about you, but the tooth fairy was always an old grandma in my mind.. if that's what you think is hot, well... to each..his own!

The kid probably thinks girls have cooties. So yeah, it's perfectly natural for him to prefer The Rock. He probably really likes the guy too. Shit, as a kid I would have been fucking stoked if he was my tooth fairy. Not because he's a guy, but because I fucking loved The Rock.

the rock doesn't just show up he breaks down the fucking wall because he is that bad ass!

ashtonkay 7

Haha you betchya' socks he is!

if I bet my socks does that mean that I win other people who bet their socks socks

oreobunbun 3

Paper covers rock?

ashtonkay 7

No I'm just not a money gambler ;) at least with socks it's a lose/lose anyways. I don't want YOUR socks and I don't want you to take mine. Lose.....& lose. Level setting yourself is always a fine quality in having self confidence(: long story short NEVER bet me on anything lmao

Maybe he does want your socks XP foot fetish

the 'Rock' is a legend

Maybe if he masterbates hard enough...

I'd want The Rock to pay me too