By DENTALITY - 23/05/2015 11:06 - Norway

Today, I caught my son trying to punch his own teeth out so he'd get more money from the tooth fairy. FML
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SinfulTragedy 19

Future businessman.

I think he misunderstood the meaning of "money shot"


I think he misunderstood the meaning of "money shot"

PePziNL 20

If you're old enough to know what a money shot is and you still believe in the tooth fairy, you have a problem. Or a destroyed childhood.

SinfulTragedy 19

Future businessman.

The kid is a genius. He knows his teeth will come back so he won't be toothless for long. OP should be proud.

Those bills ain't gonna pay themselves...

Just hope he misses the adult teeth. Tooth fairies know the difference!

The way the inflation rate is going for lost teeth with kids these day , I can see he is making good money.

Resourceful, I like it. This kid is going places, probably the dentist. But still he's going places.

This kid is going places and the dentist is one of them

nesteremily 31

Your kid is going places.

All three posted in the exact same minute so cut them some slack.. Great minds think alike after all.

Too bad Garth ganked the tooth fairy.

I understood that reference!

I think he might be on to something there

You tie the knot, I'll slam the door

Next time, don't lie to your children about mythical creatures

Depends on his age.. If he's little tell him that's not what you do. If he's like 10 through 12-13 then tell him to go do chores if he wants money