By 1sasafras1 - United States - Jonesborough
Today, while I was lifeguarding a swim meet with over 100 patrons, a duck paid a visit to our pool. He sat down and a brown cloud surfaced in the water. He immediately flew off. My manager then made me put goggles on and scoop out the poop while everyone watched. FML
1sasafras1 tells us more :
Yup. Just the skimmer net under water. The location made us unable to use the pole with the skimmer attached
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  PhantomKitty  |  26

Really? Why do people even bother with these puns anymore? It should be obvious from the thousands of similar down voted comments that you aren't going to be voted up.

By  rodrigun449  |  16

As a lifeguard, that is definitely not the right way for your boss to have you handle the situation. The pool should have been evacuated and the clorine levels should have been turned up for about a day. He put OP at risk for disease, and if you wanted, you could probably sue.