By eviltwigster - 26/06/2012 16:16 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, I shaved my legs. I received endless compliments about how great they looked, and how jealous all the girls were. I'm a guy who shaved them for a themed party, for which I dressed up as a girl. FML
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eviltwigster tells us more.

It would be all good, but I row, so i am supposed to build up leg muscle :/

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mandark 9

Eh, I like a nice pair of legs.

DontModMeDammit 10

Slut makes for a more interesting comment.


mandark 9

Eh, I like a nice pair of legs.

Who doesn't? Slut your stuff OP!

Who doesn't? At least your legs look nice, op. Be proud and **** your stuff!

DontModMeDammit 10

Would have been a better costume if you hadn't shaved. Then you could have said you were French.

DontModMeDammit 10

Slut makes for a more interesting comment.

Swimmers legs are all the riot.

juliaispink 1

Ur a very dedicated person! Take the compliments and run!

Speaking as a man, I find many of the women I know just plain aren't very good at shaving--reducing stubble, cutting close, and so on. I'm guessing it's because guys get more practice...

Oreohugzpenny 4

At least it was convincing!

19- Auto correct? Have you been sexting your girlfriend dirty words lately?

I think sexting dirty words to your girlfriend is ok, most fails come from people who accidentally (hopefully) do it to their mother

I shave my legs for major swim championships, for one party I'd say it's a bit overkill.

unknown_user5566 26

130- Why is it overkill? It grows back. It's not like OP went and got laser hair removal for a simple party.

Pantyhose would have worked too. Seems like you just wanted to feel like a real woman. I don't blame you for that either. I want to sleep inside of you...

MerrikBarbarian 9

130- shaving legs is overkill? I'd love to know your response to my prep for costume contests where I cut and dye my hair, as well as pattern and sew the costume. I drop a small fortune on material too. Know why? Because its fun! It makes people smile seeing a fictional character come to life and accuracy helps that a lot.

ofcourse that is overkill. It obviously wasn't a dragqueenparty, so why try too hard? Dressing up as a girl with hairy legs (and a beard) is much funnier anyway.

wally1989 0

Wow so are you a cross dresser?

Just for the night..

yes, he's a complete cross dresser... oi

KM96 24

2# No ... It was a party. Don't make comments like that because it just shows immaturity and that you haven't read the FML correctly.

2, that makes absolutely zero sense. It was obvious that he was going to a costume party. SMH

Faith in humanity slipping away.

At least you've got some left dude. Mine's spent.

I'm willing to share. How much do you need?

How much you got? I'll take 13 cc's, if you got it. Whatever you can spare, though!

wally1989 0

#14 take a Z-bar and a ****** joke

I think you're just trying to cover up your fail of a comment now.

That's so odd , and i wouldn't like a guy's shaved legs that would be too awkward

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Who cares what you do or don't like? It was for a themed party. Or were you hoping to score with OP?

No reason to be rude 42

dominic1221 6

No reason for #3 to be rude and make everything about her sexual preferences...

threer 30

There was another FML like this but with a female and unshaved legs. All of the comments spoke of how that's disgusting and they "wouldn't bang that" yet almost no one was criticized..

At least you know you could make a great tranny


Is that really something you want to know?

58 - *oh stop it, you!*

I don;t know if you know this or not, but Tranny is considered a slur by a majority of the Transgendered community.

Of course, it could be referring to transvestite instead. Ya know, as in a guy who wears womens clothes or vice-versa.

I would rather have a boyfriend who shaves his legs than to have a boyfriend whose leg hair blows with the wind.

That's a drag queen you idiot

A transvestite is someone who dresses as the opposite sex for their everyday life. I'm a drag queen, and it's only for show and performance.

At least you have nice legs now?

it's better than what happened to a friend of mine. he had to WAX his legs for a play. since you only shaved them the hair will soon grow back OP

tennislove11 2

three words O.M.G that is C.R.a.z.Y

PerfectMistakes 8

That's four words.

jkillz_it 7

six if you count o.m.g as oh my gosh.

KiddNYC1O 20

Technically, six. Edit: 20 was quicker.

Technically 2 words and 2 acronyms.

LO388 7

30 - Well, one acronym and one word that unnecessarily has periods placed throughout it.

ObsessedWithGays 7

Actually, technically it's 3 words and 1 acronym. C.r.a.z.y doesn't stand for anything. She apparently just felt the need to type like an idiot.

And no PR marketers approached you for a Veet endorsement that night? Shame, OP, you seem like a very smooth guy.

KiddNYC1O 20

This could go so many ways.

science_nerd 5

It's oh my god or are you one of those don't take the lords name in vain types or which btw I didnt

But here's my number, so call me maybe.

If you count the, "three words" part, it's five words and one acronym.

Did you win best costume?

He won "best legs" probably.

Well he should have. It's a lot of commitment to shave your legs. I've never done it. I only shave armpit hair. That stuffs nasty.

You shaved your legs just for a party???

OP should have worn panty hose or tights or something...

TheDrifter 23

Panty hose and hairy legs? That's just wrong.

Meghanlamar 5

That sounds mean

113... Your profile pic creeps me out in every way.

cheetahbaby96 8

126- I seriously can't stop laughing right now! That's so jacked... Oh my! Ahahahaha!

His coming out party?

How many people asked you why you didn't get dressed up?

Well... This is why straight men probably shouldn't dress as women. You find out all sorts of things u would rather not know.

TheDrifter 23

But this is valuable info to have when rockin the speedo at your local beach.

Emily9352 13

And why is it okay for gay men to dress as women, but not straight men...? Live and let live, god damn.