By eviltwigster - Australia - Adelaide
Today, I shaved my legs. I received endless compliments about how great they looked, and how jealous all the girls were. I'm a guy who shaved them for a themed party, for which I dressed up as a girl. FML
eviltwigster tells us more :
It would be all good, but I row, so i am supposed to build up leg muscle :/
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  doctorhook86  |  24

Speaking as a man, I find many of the women I know just plain aren't very good at shaving--reducing stubble, cutting close, and so on. I'm guessing it's because guys get more practice...

  cheefer  |  0

Pantyhose would have worked too. Seems like you just wanted to feel like a real woman. I don't blame you for that either. I want to sleep inside of you...


130- shaving legs is overkill? I'd love to know your response to my prep for costume contests where I cut and dye my hair, as well as pattern and sew the costume. I drop a small fortune on material too. Know why? Because its fun! It makes people smile seeing a fictional character come to life and accuracy helps that a lot.

  Faff  |  20

ofcourse that is overkill. It obviously wasn't a dragqueenparty, so why try too hard? Dressing up as a girl with hairy legs (and a beard) is much funnier anyway.

By  wally1989  |  0

Wow so are you a cross dresser?

  KM96  |  24

2# No ... It was a party. Don't make comments like that because it just shows immaturity and that you haven't read the FML correctly.

By  safaeita  |  32

That's so odd , and i wouldn't like a guy's shaved legs that would be too awkward

  threer  |  30

There was another FML like this but with a female and unshaved legs. All of the comments spoke of how that's disgusting and they "wouldn't bang that" yet almost no one was criticized..