By lonely - 11/01/2016 21:04 - United States - Twin Falls

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me. Whilst browsing the web, I clicked on an ad that said "How to Get Your Ex Back in a Day". Now I am single and have a computer virus. FML
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Those exploitative ads will get you when you're most vulnerable. When my cat died, I clicked on one that said "Reanimate Dead Animals With This One Weird Trick" and sure enough, I got a virus. Not a computer virus… it just wasn't a particularly sanitary trick.

Everyone knows those things are scams. YDI


Everyone knows those things are scams. YDI

Well, everyone but OP

Well yeah everybody in their right mind. But really how many rational decisions compared to irrational do you make when you're morally distraught.

Well she had just been through a breakup. People don't think things all the way through. That's the way they design them, to catch people into it when they're vulnerable, especially during a breakup. Maybe a little YDI here, but still it was a rough time.

Awww, I can't help but feel bad for OP. she might not be computer savvy, and she was sad. :( so sorry OP, but you really need to be cautious on the Internet.

OP here. Yeah, I learned my lesson! This happened quite a while ago and since then I've happily been in a relationship for a year. So, all's well in the end.

You're not the op, buddy. I don't see a checkmark. Quit your lying.

It sucks that you and your boyfriend broke up, but why would you ever trust a dodgy advert like that!?

She must've been pretty weak after the break up.

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How can you gather that he sounds super insecure? All she wrote is that they broke up..

Because he broke up with her because she (accidentally) clicked on an article about how to get back with an ex? Instead of asking why and talking about it they jumped to conclusions and broke up with her. Although I am tired and may have misread the whole thing. edit: OH OKAY I GET IT NOW. *after* they broke up she read the ad. my bad. lol.

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At least I owned up to my mistake! ):

actually, i presumed the same thing, that the second sentence was the explanation as to why he broke up with op: because she clicked on an ad to get her 'ex' back. misunderstanding ambiguously-worded fmls is not going full retard! op, i advise no contact rule.

leogachi 15

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How to get your ex back: You don't

And in most cases after due time, you don't want them back!

May want to get yourself a good anti-virus like Advast or something then. Hope things work out for you!

I think you mean Avast. I have it and it's pretty good. :)

Aw I'm sorry about the break up OP! Hopefully you feel better soon! As for the computer take it to a little computer repair place, they should be able to get rid of the virus :)

Or just download free software such as Superantispyware to get rid of it. That's what I use when people bring infected machines to me.

People can be like toilets and ads. Full of shit.

YDI for clicking on one of those. Sorry it didn't work out with your Ex tho

I'm really sorry, OP. That sucks. Try checking out buzzfeed next time. See if they have any articals.

I think I'd rather have the virus

Better a virus from the web, than a virus from your ex...