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By  Gladeryn_fml  |  13

I mean.. maybe I'm just stupid but I don't think that you should feel bad - or make him feel bad - about this. Given the fact that he's only 13 yo, the idea of different tastes being able to cancel each other out sounds pretty smart. When you think about it, waves can cancel each other out, and so can heat and cold as well... But yeah maybe that's just me.

  tantanpanda  |  26

Waves cancelling each other out is NOT even close to salt cancelling out the taste of sugar, nor is the transfer of heat. You're trying to draw parallels between things that are not analogous. Just stop.


people on this app take everything way too literally, he was giving other examples of how a 13 year old kid would understand how two things can cancel eachother out and putting that knowledge to salt and sugar