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By Anonymous - 04/08/2019 02:00

Today, my boyfriend informed me I need to stop staying up all night, because it's "really sketchy" and he feels "uncomfortable" not knowing what I'm doing, and why I'm awake. I'm an insomniac, I have been my whole life, and he knows this. FML
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get a nightshift job n tell ur "boyfriend" to kiss ur ass

Glue googly eyes on his dick while he's sleeping.


get a nightshift job n tell ur "boyfriend" to kiss ur ass

How are you even alive? Sounds sketchy to me, too.

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why? she is awake not having an orgy her living room.....

Same. Insomnia is the worst and it too has plagued me my whole life

Glue googly eyes on his dick while he's sleeping.

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I am also....i go out in the yard and do my garden if my husband is awake enough to notice in not in bed so he doesnt make me lay down with him. He seems to b ok with out of sight out of mind and now calls it gardening after midnight...and sings it like the song by shit aerosmith I

I also have insomnia. I don’t even sleep during the day; I haven’t ever had naps. I’ve been this way since the day I was born.

Same! If I nap, I likely can't relax anyway but if I do succeed, I wake up feeling way worse and am a mess for the rest of the day. Sucks. Magnesium glycinate has helped me improve my insomnia to only half as bad as before, I LOVE that stuff! But I still have a major problem. I wake feeling refreshed maybe once every couple months. I have not had 2 good sleeps in a row in years if ever, but I fantasize about what that would feel like. That's likely one of my wishes if I found a genie ha! I tried nightshift for years thinking maybe my body just is nocturnal but nope, I just have insomnia all day lol.

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The way you've described this, it doesn't sound like he's concerned for your health at all but more that he either has underlying trust or control issues. Why on earth would it make him uncomfortable? Perhaps he needs to learn a bit more about the condition.

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Your BF has taken self-centeredness to a whole new level. If he can actually say this, things are going to get much worse in the future.

Definitely get him more informed of your condition. I get it though, you sleep and your SO is always awake and doing things? It's different and can be hard to adjust to. Bring him to an appointment with your doctor next time you go or something?

Sounds like he's a giant sack of shit to me buddy. He sees your medical problem through the lense of how it affects HIM, not you? So self absorbed -what is he, five? And because this medical problem causes him minor awkward feelings he calls you sketchy, as if you're cooking meth or picking pockets? Holy shit. Having imperfect health is NOT immoral! What is this ******** gonna be like if you have a bigger health issue like a broken leg or bronchitis or worse? Is he gonna be mad at you for it, when a decent BF would be a comfort? Move on, find someone who will help you with your troubles not pout that you aren't ******* perfect.