By khfhjfsb - 05/02/2014 00:41 - United States - Downers Grove

Today, the guy I was sexting asked me to stop including my face in the pictures. FML
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Mysterious_one 26

sorry dear.. just stop sexting him ..

YDI for sexting in the first place. Never know what's going to happen to those pictures.


Mysterious_one 26

sorry dear.. just stop sexting him ..

Technically...you should NEVER stick your face in those kinds of photos. Otherwise they could use them against you etc.

...and stop texting him too. Also, I agree with the above comment.

Mysterious_one 26

imo.. he will not text her if she doesn't Sext him

FalconWhitaker 20

Agreed. Never put anything identifying in a sext because you never know if the person will leak them or lose their phone or have their account hacked or whatever. Better safe than sorry!

colton_colton 49

I would never have started sexting him then

It's not exactly what he's looking for...

Butterhead. Everything looks good but her head lol

BubbleGrunge 18

Always heard it was butter face too. Everything looked good butter face.

YDI for sexting in the first place. Never know what's going to happen to those pictures.

equitationbound 22

#4, I agree. And if you're going to sext you shouldn't put your face in them. At least that way if they do circulate you can still deny it.

I agree as well. And since the guy asked her to stop including her face, I'm assuming she doesn't know him very well and maybe met him online. Even more of a possibility for those pictures to get out.

that's way too much to assume 61 can't the guy just be an ass that only wants to have sex with her? btw OP there's nothing wrong with sexting if you know it's going to be secure it definitely doesn't seem to be a certainty in this situation

xivoricbutterfly 25

Why are you sexting him? Break all contact with that douche

Lord_Cornwallis 5

Go find a guy who can appreciate you for who you are. Also, stop sexting. You're better than that, OP.

I love his everybody says this about people they don't know on FML. You have absolutely no idea what the OP is like.

Lord_Cornwallis 5

I'm saying she should respect herself more, but I see your point.

Lord_Cornwallis 5

I like to believe that everyone is better than sending nude pictures to a guy that doesn't appreciate them for who they are.

He isn't worth your time. Wait til you are dating someone and they like you for the right reasons before you decide to sext it may work out better.

I'm sorry:( but maybe it isn't the best idea to sext someone who isn't in love with everything about you. Some would say you shouldn't do it at all. He obviously doesn't deserve those pictures if he doesn't appreciate them. Also, if you are going to send nudes, it isn't very smart to put your face in them, is it?