By Anonymous - 04/02/2014 21:42 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I was ringing an elderly gentleman up at work. As I went to package up the buns he ordered, he held up a hand and told me to wait. He then looked me in the eyes, started squeezing them, then winked and told me to go ahead. I've never felt so violated. FML
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Be happy those are the only buns he squeezed.

you violated? imagine how the buns must feel! and Theyre going home with him


Be happy those are the only buns he squeezed.

hehe... for now.

Plot twist: sports_guy3 is the old man.

Seems more like something perdix would do..

We'll imagine how the buns feel.. They have to go home with him.

right!! Come on OP, harmless flirting. If thats the most violated you have ever felt, than you are blessed.

Bulldozer36 21

Sucks to be you but I hope I'm still able to get frisky when I'm old like that guy.

I'm with you. I'm going to be one of those crazy pervy old ladies and blame it on my senility! (spelling? real word?) I can't wait!

When you're old you have all the excuses in the world.

that guys a creep!

colton_colton 49

Just a lil' bit!

xblaine 17

Pedophile alert.

Pervert alert.

Unless OP is a prepubescent child, no. "Pedophile" isn't synonymous with "creepy old pervert".

olpally 32

Call the cops. What a freak!

For what? Nothing illegal was done, nor was OP actually violated or harassed. You need to calm down.

#5 reminds me of the lady who called 911 because McDonalds ran out of chicken mcnuggets.

Ya 43, this morning someone called the cops because their fire alarm wouldn't stop ringing.

Well, if there really was a fire then that's a big difference...

746278Ab 14

When your old you can do whatever you want...

Is your father a baker? Because you've got the hottest buns I've ever seen. :P

Ja! Buns and ties!

Waiting to see if anyone remembers this joke from Spongebob. . .

arandomusernameaa 20

*Still Waiting...* yeh this could take some time ;)

Well at least he didnt steal a balloon.

you violated? imagine how the buns must feel! and Theyre going home with him

maybe he just was imagining they were some other buns... fyl

You don't say??

HammyBear13 8

45, you look like a guy who would do this.......o.0......

Am I sexy of wats