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Today, my brother handed me a sandwich that I'd asked him to make for me. Halfway through eating the sandwich, he started laughing hysterically. I still don't know what was in it. FML
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Probably some homemade mayo.

... So did you stop eating the sandwich when he started laughing?


Maybe he put some of his secret sauce in it.

He can beat it out of him. I'm guessing OP is the older brother...

OHH BURN he used fucking regular mayo and not the lite. You gained like 300 extra fucking calories. IN YOUR FACE

Next time make ur own sandwich.

Unless you are sick or injured, you should have made your own sandwich! Don't be lazy!

It's probably nothing, but the torture in not knowing is where he gets his fun.

I agree with 32, I do that all the time. It's completely harmless but so evil at the same time.

a male..? making a sandwich? what is the world coming to!?

I swear I've shared worse fml moments than this which have never got submitted :(

If you had half a sandwich left why didn't you open it and see what was in it?

UGH no one cares

Reminded me of Barney Stinson

Roast beef and baby gravy sandwich?

YDI. Make your own bloody sandwich next time.

I'm thinking home-made mayonnaise. By hand.

maybe he didn't put anything in it and your worrying is the prank??

@37 actually its just evil and completely (mentally) harmful. bordering psychological abuse. like saying ...I may or may not kill my ex's cute dog while she's at work and set her apartment on fire. Yanno? Or no?

Probably some homemade mayo.

Yes, we all know what that means... Now time for a detailed plotting of a most unfortunate regrettable untimely sinister demise of a certain family member, he will be sorely missed I'm sure

With bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips like a baws....... and some sweat from his bawls

Why does my sandwich taste predominantly of salty snot?

Handmade mayo sounds a lot worse than homemade mayo. Unless with homemade, the whole house is contributing...

^Agreed, that guy is such a dumbass.

We need to add that special sawwwwce to our monster omelet

Super Secret Ingredient ;)

Probably nothing actually.

Reverse psychology was in this sandwich

epic mealtime reference. I see what you did there you crafty dog you(;

Rainbow dash!

You sir, win at life.

... So did you stop eating the sandwich when he started laughing?

But that's a waste of a sandwich? Women....


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Hahahahahahahahahahaha...shut up

that was dumb shutup

Her name makes it much more understandable.

What? The spelling error or being completely unfunny and close to retarded?

ladies don't watch south park :P

they also don't poo

Well, you are from Georgie, so it's understandable.

Can't we all just look at the man picture here. Some person is eating a nasty samich (spelled wrong purposely)..

113 - hypocrite much?

Take away the cute in her username and we have an accurate description of number 4.

I think 4 looks like a man. Just saying.

According to you, you're just as much of a stereotyping ass as I am. You should probably make your point in a different way.

Ummm 4, you're blonde isn't even natural. Sooo you're just illiterate..


I never had so many THUMBS DOWN ever in my life. *sigh* -_-' Might as well get use to it.... My going to cry in a corner now

IplI agree with your username, just that the word "cute&'kmk Mm M

Probably something awesome! Or maybe he just wanted to screw with you by laughing. Hmmm I'll have to try that out.

I know I'd do that lol

I think he was just screwing with the op. pretty funny either way though

Mmmm nothing like fresh gravy!

It's probably better that you don't know

Sir... your location is false.

Nice picture..."smoking" is soo cool. I think I'm gonna go buy a blunt and take a picture to be just like you!

It's okay, he didn't know how to light it so he just took the picture and then put it away in his closet, next to the sock he uses to jerk off.

You're all wrong. It's just a piece of rolled up paper

I totally did not notice that. Thank you soo much for pointing that out!

My moms is a u can be where ever u want...

How does mocking him have anything to do with this FML?

It has everything to do with this FML.

It's ok, I understand that people love to hate on peoples fml's because there to much of a pussy to do it in real life

It's ok, I understand that people love to hate on peoples fml's because there to much of a pussy to do it in real life

Wow only fags would take pics with an unlit "ciggarette".

154 - I would make fun of you in real life too. Behind your baxk, of course, so your point is kinda invalid...

I'd do it to his face if I knew him in person.

Force the rest of the sandwich down his throat? That will cease the laughter too. Double score

Don't be lazy and make your own sandwich

You know what they say, what you don't know won't hurt you :D

Except... Well... When it does.

would you like arsenic with that?