By yessssir - 09/03/2010 02:24 - United States

Today, I returned home from a 2-day trip. Before I left, I told my brother to move my car across the street when the street cleaner passes by. Turns out, he used all my gas and got so wasted he forgot to move my car. I got a big ticket that he said he'd pay for. He's unemployed and lives off me. FML
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you need to boot his ass to the curb,there comes a time when it's not ok to let family mooch off of you YDI for putting up with his loser ass all this time.

I don't understand how your brother used all your gas but forgot to move your car? did he sit in the one spot with the car engine running?


I pity the fool with no gas!

I pity the fool that snickers while doodling!

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Why are you so mean Snickerdoodles? Let the guy comment as he wishes. Let him look like the fool online.

snickerdoodles hey there ;)

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well time 4 some1 2 go get a job

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#10 you got issues. go get checked out.

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u dirty whore

I seriously can't stop laughing at blues comments now. At first they were mildly amusing, now I find myself searching for them for some LULz.

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Haha sounds like my uncle

Snickerdoodles, you need to go get fucked - hard. Can't stand your lesbian comments anymore, and nobody likes you. Your fucking dog won't even look at you. Go let your dad fuck you in your tight asshole, and give your uncle sloppy seconds. Ho.

snickerdoodles = 

Snickers, you change your pictures very often... Just saying.

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wow bickerdoodles. just cause your a stuck up bitch who doesnt know how to ever be happy doesnt mean you should go around trying to make other people miserable. dont be surprised when your in your 60's and you've still never had a boyfriend.

snicker has commented. let the fight begin

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Actually I found his response: "I pity the fool that snickers while doodling" rather amusing! Perhaps you should just get a sense of humor Snickerdoodles? You seem smart so i think you can manage! ^^


haha nice

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I always look forward to snicker's comments (or at least the war that follows)

YDI for allowing him to sponge off you. you might as well stencil your name on your doormat

YDI for not having that tumor removed... jk but that sucks for the OP. Give him a deadline to move out.

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i love how snickerdoodle's new pic is in black and white so people wont see her red hair. dont kid yourself, we all know that youre a ginger.

Wtf ? your fault for letting him live of you.

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^ What is your point? So she may have some form of Scottish/Irish heritage in her, so what? Here's something defensible though, you're an ass, and you're probably gonna get a serious beating one day if you haven't already. I don't mean the physical kind either. I mean the kind that actually does "FYL". Good day, asshole!

kick that mooch out!

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that sucks ass

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you need to boot his ass to the curb,there comes a time when it's not ok to let family mooch off of you YDI for putting up with his loser ass all this time.

couldn't have said it better.

I agree with 4. Yes it sucks, but did you really expect any different from him? He's a leech and you allow it. Grow a pair and kick him out, he's not your responsibility. If you insist on keeping him, make sure to set up some strict rules and if he doesn't follow them, kick him out. #1 thing on the list, make his sorry ass get a job, then pay you back for both the ticket and the gas, then make him start paying rent.

wow fyl buh maybe tell him to get a job and kick him outta ya house if he just causes more finacial problems for you

How big was this ticket? Like those ones you get on game shows?

thumbs up for the profile pic

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Kick him the fuck out and make him pay. Regardless of if he's unemployed.

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How can he pay if he's unemployed?

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i guess thats what happens when u let him use ur car but i still think its not ur fault

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he's your brother. stop complaining and start helping him

OP has been helping him,there is only so much help one can offer a person before it becomes to much. there is a time to say enough is enough,it's OP's time to say it.

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I completely agree with you Snickerdoodles. Have your brother learn to take care of himself OP, if you keep taking care of him he will never learn, he's not a little kid anymore. I say this assuming your brother has spent way too much time leeching off of you.