By thesmartone - 21/06/2012 03:44 - United States

Today, I let my imbecile of a brother borrow my car. The keys to his car are now jammed into the ignition of mine. FML
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Well at least now you know to not let him borrow your car. And if he has his own car keys why doesn't he use his own car...?

No. When he got in the car, he instantly became stupid.


The key to solving this is to borrow his car. No pun intended.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Hehe you got keyed OP but in a special way

The movie Idiocracy comes to mind when I read stories, such as this FML, and then the person, who leaves a comment calling the person an idiot, kind of falls into the same category. Any one who hasn't seen the movie must watch it!

No. When he got in the car, he instantly became stupid.

#2 were you an idiot before that comment or..?

Epsilonyx 15

I was a lesbian goat named Bertha before my commenting on this FML.

So you know, 2 was asking if the OP thought his/her brother was an idiot before lending him his/her keys. Probably because If the OP did think he was, then it would be his/her fault for lending him the car. Well, that's how I read it anyway.

Hot wire your car. Just make sure no police are around, might look like stealing even if it's your own car.

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Or put a hot wire in his ass until he sends it to a dealer/garage

As long as you have the owners card and your license they'll know it's your car. Hotwire it.

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Well at least now you know to not let him borrow your car. And if he has his own car keys why doesn't he use his own car...?

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Having car keys does not simply mean you have a working car. All FMLers thought exactly

I have a chevy key in my pocket, yet I've never owned any vehicle. Its a truck I borrow from time to time. His could just be in the shop. Ir something like that

iAmScrubs 19

Wait, so there isn't a universal key for every lock in the world? I've been lied to all my life?

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You are so stupid if and only if your father doesn't own a Lamborghini

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11 - I'm pretty sure you're the stupid one.

abouttosleep 5

No. I'm pretty sure it's either a bad joke, or deep sarcasm included for you to catch. Either way it makes you the stupid one.

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No no, the stupid one is 11s face! Oh snap! Haha I'm flippin hilarious.

abouttosleep 5

Abouttosleep- wtf. How old are you? "YOU'RE STUPID" "No, YOU'RE stupid" Seriously? Grow up. Your comment was dumb, you didn't get the obvious joke. Move on.

abouttosleep 5

Okey OKEY OKAYYY! *whispers they are all stupid but they just don't know it- hehehehe* Can you look again at the first OBVIOUS joke? Now look at my second ( buried comment :[ ) and believe it. All of you are just scared of the rainbow dash

Ok 11 are you like seven years old? If you aren't please act your age. Hell it wouldn't be bad if you acted slightly older either!!

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I will only listen to you 70, not them no

Abouttosleep - did you not notice that ALL of your comments were thumbed down? Shut up now

5, Sadly, yes, you've been lied to. I feel like I just told you Santa Clause doesn't exist and you're only 5 years old. Sorry :-(

So he had his own keys but not his car?

Devin91 20

OPs brother could have his car in the shop or something .

Maybe it's hidden behind a mail truck.. but he still might need the Continuum Transfunctioner.

If you knew he was an "imbecile", why let him borrow your car?

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My thoughts exactly. It's like giving a 5 year-old a Sharpie. Don't tempt fate, OP.

17- Because I referenced it from OP's FML :3

she could be calling him an imbecile because he just got his keys stuck in her car. maybe she didn't think he was THAT stupid until afterwards? lol.

He let him because they're brothers and I'm sure OP didn't think much about the outcome.

He may be an imbecile, but he's family. That means you can punish him your own way and call it love. I don't doubt the parents fixed the ignition though.

God have mercy for the people who are on the road as the same time as him

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*red foreman voice "Dumbass"

Do you both have similar keys or did you let him put YOUR key on HIS key ring? Was he drunk or tired? Why would you jam a key or anything in a slot it doesn't fit into. Maybe he needs to go back to preschool and learn that circle pegs go into the circle holes and square pegs into square holes. Hope he's adopted.