By Anonymous - 14/08/2015 10:57 - Ukraine - Donetsk

Today, my car went missing. My sister constantly asks to borrow it, so I called her and asked if she had it. She swore blind that she didn't, so I called the cops and reported it stolen. They soon caught her driving the stolen vehicle. She blames me and is now telling everyone I set her up to be arrested. FML
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that's her fault, technically she did steal ot saying that she never had it


that's her fault, technically she did steal ot saying that she never had it

She stole the car by taking it without ops knowledge or consent. Lying about it later just compounded the offence. The sister deserves her punishment.

good some people do have the common sense to know that taking without asking is theft... cant say the same for my brother who thinks no answer from a locked room means enter, and no one being there means take what you want.

Only child here too! Except its my mother stealing the car..

it's not having a sibling that's the issue, it's not having a GOOD sibling. My brother always asks and never lies.

As funny as you were trying to be, that wasn't funny.

I also thought it was good. Maybe you just dont have a sense of humour.

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@56 I thought it was funny, too, but people on this site have a bad habit of telling people that they don't have a sense of humor when they don't find one thing funny.

I saw it as humor, but I didn't think it as humorous. Didn't make me laugh, so I downvoted. Simple, really.

I don't understand how there can be people out there with such intellectual shortcomings.

If you live in the U.S. All you need to do is watch Donald Trump speak at the Republican Debates on Fox News.

I bet she was the kind of sister growing up that would steal your clothing and wear it without you knowing.

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Your sister is an idiot and deserves nothing less than being arrested, even if it's for a day.

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This one is more of a SHE DESERVES IT,.. Sounds like you two aren't best of sisters, hope everything turns out good for the better of you.

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think positive.. maybe she was driving it back to you?

Aaaaah to be 16yts old and not have a clue! Sweetie she took the vehicle without OP's permission and then flat out lied that she took it. I highly doubt that she just happened to stumble across it and drove it back.

Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh, blind idealism never helped anyone.

Well, lets all hope you can clear this up with your friends and family. FYL

Time to cut her out of your life for good.

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@10 I would do that for sure.