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Today, me and my girlfriend got into a fight. After giving my genius response to one of her asinine comments, I stormed out of the store, having the last word. Ten minutes later she comes out to find me in the parking lot. My car wouldn't start. She texts me "Karma's a bitch" then drives away. FML
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By  altruistic_decay  |  0

Okay first of all, I wrote this.
To address some of your speculations...
1. I'm a girl. Lesbian drama is a bitch.
2. Yes, we drove separately. I'm still young, in school, and am able to live with my parents without being ashamed.
3. She's a complete bitch. And her saying 'Karma's a bitch' (which, she spelled Karma wrong in her text) was completely uncalled for.
4. And yes, I'm a keeper :) If I thought I actually deserved what I got, I wouldn't have put it on here.
5. Why does 'public' automatically mean a grocery store?

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