By Not so quick getaway. - 28/02/2009 07:55 - United States

Today, me and my girlfriend got into a fight. After giving my genius response to one of her asinine comments, I stormed out of the store, having the last word. Ten minutes later she comes out to find me in the parking lot. My car wouldn't start. She texts me "Karma's a bitch" then drives away. FML
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RockThatStuff 0

you should texted back something like "then you and karma have something in common."

Just want to point out, OP, you said "the store" not "public" so when people are thinking you meant grocery store, that's why. It is common across most of the country for people to say, "I'm heading to the store, can I get you something?" or "I'm going to the store to pick up a few things" and everyone knows this means grocery store or something like a Wal-Mart which carries groceries. Just sayin'.


I_Suck_At_Life 0

What was her comment and what was your response?

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She's right. Karma is a bitch.

She must be karma, then.

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"but as men" is where you're wrong. OP is female.

Lmao #5 u so salty my friend... -Ł

THEY're LESBIANS?!! I actually didn't notice until I read your comment

King_of_Kings 3

I'm with #4

You took separate cars? Oh, and KARMA ZING!!!

#4 has it right. Couldn't of said it better myself.

why would you drive to the store with 2 different cars???

Are you really old enough to drive? You sound a bit immature.


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crazy cat man