By Anon - 09/10/2013 05:21 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I asked my friend to crop me out of her profile picture on Facebook because I look terrible in it. She responded that she wasn't going to, because it made her look better. FML
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olpally 32

What a bitch. she doesn't sound like a friend you need in your life.

Its time to reconsider your friendship with her xD


Its time to reconsider your friendship with her xD

tjv3 10

You can tell Facebook you want it removed

olpally 32

What a bitch. she doesn't sound like a friend you need in your life.

OP should report it to Facebook, and the photo or the friends profile will be removed.

They're not going to remove someone's profile just because OP doesn't like the way she looks in a picture...

35, actually they will. You can report a photo because it's a picture you don't want of yourself on FB. I have unfortunately had to do it a few times because the person kept posting it.

OMG you commented on practically every post here. No one else notice?

*gasp* That was uncalled for, Noor. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

I like how nicely you put that. You've got some good self control.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Yes 28 we all read 3's comment thank you.

bossiblondi 9

that's why you take her out and get her slobbering drunk and after she has puked and her mascara is smeared and she can barely open her eyes, you snap a photo and post it EVERYWHERE.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

Why is your profile picture of your back? I could understand it if you were ripped or something...

Showing off the Ram logo he has tattooed on his back I think.

If you report the picture there's an option that says you're in it and you don't want it up there. Facebook may take it down for you if you really want it gone.

imagineapc 11

No they won't. You have to have several photos, comments, statuses, etc before Facebook will act on removing anything from someone's profile. If its her photo, it's her intellectual property. Just because the ugly friend is in it doesn't mean she has any rights to it at all.

First of all: All pictures on facebook are property of facebook, unless trademarked/registered by other institutions. Most importantly, however, none of the pictures you upload to facebook actually belong to you. [Well, the originals do... the versions that are on facebook belong to facebook. It's in the EULA, read it some time.] Now couple this with the fact that facebook implemented an option to, at least in theory, have pictures of you deleted if you don't want to be shown in them and we reach a simple conclusion: Reporting this picture at least has a chance of getting it removed from facebook. (Whether anybody eventually comes around to taking care of this report is another thing entirely, though.)

Wow. Aren't you just a bundle of joy. You automatically think she's "ugly" just because one picture made her look bad? She could be amazingly gorgeous for all you know. Don't judge so quickly.

Talk about 1st world problems. It is INSANE how crazy people get over Facebook and make everything into dramatics. Just step away!

150493x 29

She's probably that "friend" who hangs around with certain people so she seems more attractive. Or so she thinks. You don't need someone like this, OP!

Croquis_fml 14

Hey What else are friends for, if not to make each other look better? Do the same to her c:

Well hey, when people see you in real life you'll probably look way prettier!