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Today, I asked a good friend what she thought would make me more attractive to women. Her advice was, "Don't be yourself." FML
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Your friends an ass but probably has a point somewhere in there. Your a guy and she's a girl so she knows about her own gender.

Assuming you're an ugly, stupid, boring, smelly, hairy, boorish, obnoxious lout, I'd say she's right on the money.


Your friends an ass but probably has a point somewhere in there. Your a guy and she's a girl so she knows about her own gender.

Because our sex share the same opinion

Not sure if there was some sarcasm there.....

Jakesterk96 8

Yea but "don't be yourself" is too vague.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

If his personality is that bad, I feel sorry for the woman he lures in pretending to be somebody else. If he makes changes, they have to be permanent and become a part of him. Otherwise it's all a useless act that will ultimately end in disappointment.

23 - you can see into the future?!?! 28 didn't post yet! =O

#14..... I completely agree... Maybe if she pointed out a flaw like saying, "your to straight forward." would have helped but what his friend said was slightly critical.

DeboDaGreat 3

Don't ask for an opinion if your going to get all butt hurt.. You asked, and she told ya lol

OP maybe your friend likes you and doesn't want you to be with someone else? Idk just a thought

DeadxManxWalking 27

**** that. I'll be myself cause sooner or later you'll know the real me that I'd be "trying not to be"

warlockplayer19 5

Holy crap 23 you can see into the future

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And you apparently can see into the past, 64.

kaoticllama 1

She doesn't know the feelings of every girl in the world because of gender

PYLrulz 17

Guy: be you're god dang self.. Girl: be good at making sandwiches. That guide should help both genders.

That's ******* great! Hahaha I like more advanced cooking skills though.

K,no not all women are And im sure we prefere not to be called that and any women that likes that then some women are insane and another thing if u want to be an ass fine just dont say any thing publicly

PYLrulz 17

K... Now can you say that in legible sentences? Please?

Yeah. Some women are total *****. I'll be first to admit it. But it's not like all guys are perfect. There are assholes in both genders.

zadie 6

She might not have been! Maybe he was a jerk, or really perverted. Then again, she may have just been a ****.

Pixxio_O 11

Felt so good when I did it with my PE.. Hand..

Jakesterk96 8

WTF? Sex wasn't even nearly mentioned.

rallets 22

sexual tension doesnt need to be mentioned

Or just a bluntly honest friend. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Assuming you're an ugly, stupid, boring, smelly, hairy, boorish, obnoxious lout, I'd say she's right on the money.

Schizomaniac 24

Well sorry we can't all be rich, successful, intelligent, funny, amorous, high-achieving surgeons. **** YOU, DOC.

Um, not that I'm defending Doc here as he can fight his own battles, but Schitzo, you kinda can be most everything listed: If you're smelly, bathe. Hairy, shave. Obnoxious, talk less. Boring, do/learn something new and exciting. Stupid, read more and ask questions. Even ugly can be dulled down and flattered with the right apparel/make up/whatnot. And I believe most anyone Could be in a successful, lucradive profession....given enough dedication/determination, and willingness to sacrifice or trade your personal life to do so. However, I kinda get the feeling you don't actually care about that at all, this looks a bit like an emotional/personal reaction to Doc, and if that's the case.....carry on. :)

Draco, Schizo is just mad because I'm sexier than he. MUCH sexier.

I didn't come on the internet to be told how to live successfully, #45. In fact, the internet is where I go to learn how to be UNsuccessful.

Slim, I don't believe I was talking to you specifically. This Is an open forum, people share thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc. These are simply mine, and no one said you have to care what I wrote. :) The fact you responded says you do. Now I'm curious as to why. Hit a nerve about your own past failures perhaps? Feel like you're lacking something in your life that you cannot or will not change? Interesting.

My only past failure is marketing Slimshots. I don't even receive sponsorship for it.

61- Lol, my friend, if that's your only past flop, you are doing incredibly well. :) Kudos to you for getting provoked into responding emotionally/defensively with a string of swears, btw. I was expecting less, but pleasantly surprised to have underestimated you. Very mature of you. :) (Note to self: Must google what slimshots are. No idea if it's a gadget or candy....)

omg u fukin prik how dare u judge me! Slimshots are these little things that you drink and they melt pounds away. Statements not yet approved by the FDA.

^ (Er, that was to be Kudos for Not getting provoked. :p ) Lol! Ah, I see. I was going to ask if they work well but if you're marketing them, you might be obliged to answer yes either way..... ;)

You guys made me forget what the FML even was! Thanks! Thanks allot!

I remember dating this total hotty I knew from high school who came from Moscow, blond curls, hazel eyes, charming smile topped with adorible dimples... Dreamy *sign*... And also very smart. But, he kind of had very little confidence and it was a turn off. So it never worked. Just a story I wanted to throw out there.

81- Should I say I'm sorry for thread-jacking? Okay, I'm sorry. :) Your story is more relevant than my ramblings, lack of confidence is a turn off a lot of people. :)

Michael912 3

Well at least she was honest im sure not all girls feel like that though

Obviously some guys need more help then others, and in your case you need to start from the beginning.

picklemonger 13

Trust me buddy: I feel your pain!

Use it... If ur the dude on ur picture or look like him!!!