By random / Tuesday 14 February 2012 18:05 / United States
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  ShroomsOnAcid  |  15

If his personality is that bad, I feel sorry for the woman he lures in pretending to be somebody else. If he makes changes, they have to be permanent and become a part of him. Otherwise it's all a useless act that will ultimately end in disappointment.

  antwon86  |  4

#14..... I completely agree... Maybe if she pointed out a flaw like saying, "your to straight forward." would have helped but what his friend said was slightly critical.

  mylover97  |  2

K,no not all women are And im sure we prefere not to be called that and any women that likes that then some women are insane and another thing if u want to be an ass fine just dont say any thing publicly

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Um, not that I'm defending Doc here as he can fight his own battles, but Schitzo, you kinda can be most everything listed:
If you're smelly, bathe. Hairy, shave. Obnoxious, talk less. Boring, do/learn something new and exciting. Stupid, read more and ask questions. Even ugly can be dulled down and flattered with the right apparel/make up/whatnot.
And I believe most anyone Could be in a successful, lucradive profession....given enough dedication/determination, and willingness to sacrifice or trade your personal life to do so.

However, I kinda get the feeling you don't actually care about that at all, this looks a bit like an emotional/personal reaction to Doc, and if that's the case.....carry on. :)

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Slim, I don't believe I was talking to you specifically. This Is an open forum, people share thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc. These are simply mine, and no one said you have to care what I wrote. :)
The fact you responded says you do. Now I'm curious as to why. Hit a nerve about your own past failures perhaps? Feel like you're lacking something in your life that you cannot or will not change?

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

61- Lol, my friend, if that's your only past flop, you are doing incredibly well. :)
Kudos to you for getting provoked into responding emotionally/defensively with a string of swears, btw. I was expecting less, but pleasantly surprised to have underestimated you. Very mature of you. :)
(Note to self: Must google what slimshots are. No idea if it's a gadget or candy....)

  Slimshots  |  8

omg u fukin prik how dare u judge me! Slimshots are these little things that you drink and they melt pounds away. Statements not yet approved by the FDA.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

^ (Er, that was to be Kudos for Not getting provoked. :p )
Lol! Ah, I see. I was going to ask if they work well but if you're marketing them, you might be obliged to answer yes either way..... ;)

  girl112891  |  7

I remember dating this total hotty I knew from high school who came from Moscow, blond curls, hazel eyes, charming smile topped with adorible dimples... Dreamy *sign*... And also very smart.
But, he kind of had very little confidence and it was a turn off. So it never worked.
Just a story I wanted to throw out there.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

81- Should I say I'm sorry for thread-jacking? Okay, I'm sorry. :)
Your story is more relevant than my ramblings, lack of confidence is a turn off a lot of people. :)

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