By crazytown62 - 14/02/2012 15:32 - United States

Today, it appears that it's Single Loser Awareness Day. FML
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welcome to the forever alone club please sign the guest book


just send flowers to the person that seems to be into you the most and see what happens.

thiscrazything 1

Buy yourself a present, something you always wanted, and just enjoy the day.

OP doesn't have to be forever alone. That's what Pamela Handerson is for.

Trust me, you aren't missing out on anything... After spending over $60 on valentines presents, I got a pack of gum

LiveLaughFML 10

All day at school people were complaining about how they don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Get over it people! Guys - you still have your right hand and extra crash in your pocket that you didn't spend on a gift..

All day, I will be making to myself with my right hand, while the left hand celebrates Single Loser Awareness Day, feelings like he can't get his hands on the action, like billions of other left hands.

Idonebeenhad 17

Single for a reason. Waiting for zombie apocalypse survivor partner, duh.

I'm single too yeah it sucks but look at the bright side, at least you don't have to shell out a bunch of money for gifts.

Im gonna ask a girl out in an hour or so wish me luck

hellbilly205 17

Its okay relationships cause way to many problems anyways, im single and happy

If he added another A word to it like Single Asshole Loser Awareness Day the acronym could be SALAD. :3

Very smart :) ..and very sad :( I hope everyone that doesn't have a Valentine today knows that they still have people in the world that love them :)

Umm so buy Twisted Metal like the rest of us single people and celebrate being alone by blowing up cars and shit.

Oh..yeah :) the smart thing was to number 17 :) haha..forgot to add that :l

A100893 30

I thought it was Singles Awareness Day. Where'd OP get this version?

With a picture like that you'll need all the luck you can get! Good luck!

What's up with all the panic of being alone on valentines day, if you where alone yesterday, then today's no different.

DKjazz 20

Don't you mean Palmala Handerson?

remz89 3

Valentines day over rated, enjoy the day do what you like n if u really want to receive a gift exchange with a friend.

iianalove987 7

I don't see why anyone is complaining just stay home with our good pals Ben & Jerry. They'll always be there, and they have many flavors to choose from! :]

emmanizzer 6

Well, here in AZ us singles celebrate Arizona's cenntenial instead. :) Happy Birthday Arizona!

Emd0406 4

I mean, there are so many worse things in the world then being single on Valentines Day..

Call me crazy but a person is supposed to be happy regardless of whether you're single or not...

DeboDaGreat 3

I'm single and it doesn't bother me, just another tuesday! (I'm a loser so this is what we say to feel better about ourselves)

Think positive OP now the other singles know your available go find yourself a cutie(;

hellbilly205 17

On a side note, getting drunk today aint all that bad sounding on this normal tuesday

*tay* signing in... I'll bring cupcakes with chocolate icing :P

Lets just all go eat pancakes and get over it ;):)

I thought so too! Cause that makes the acronym SAD. SLAD just doesn't make any sense!

one does not need a significant other to enjoy valentines day. just a gun, tons of ammunition and a shitload of unsuspecting victims. let the massacre begin!

With that haircut, I'm deeply surprised that you ain't single. Or you're just not telling the truth.

Says the guiedo lol $5 says this loser doesn't have a gf

Get off fml and get a freaking girlfriend!!!

MisterMan795 4

Hey, don't make fun of him, girlfriends can be hard to find in metroland.

madskittlesftw 5

Do people actually find that look attractive? Also, what the **** is sticking out of your neck?

SecretMe00 5

220---- shut up. No need to be a ****** asshole.

SecretMe00 5

2-- ignore these *******. Apparently they have nothing better to do than insult a random ass person online. You're handsome and I hope you had a good day with your valentine.

To bad son Fyl I'm not single haha

I do not believe I made a grammatical error

You used the wrong form of "to" and used no punctiation.

Aw ****! She made a mistake! Get the pepper spray!

Aw boohoo, are you gonna cry about it? Does that really get to you? Pussy

ninjuh_wingman 29

No, it's Forever Alone People day. So it's FAP day!

but that breaks the no fap February challenge

It's herpies awareness day. Everyone with a rose/stuffed doll/balloon, are being honest and telling the world that they have herpies. :D

welcome to the forever alone club please sign the guest book

olpally 32

*Michael* signing in. :( this sucks :(

ThecomingofTan 9

Signing in boss. Are we watching "Chicks with Dicks part 2" this time?

stevenJB 25
flockz 19

i brought jurassic park and ice cream if anyone wants to share.

:Angie: I brought Ass Rangers 4 for us to watch :)

Jesse signing in , I brought backdoor ***** 9

I'm down!!!! I'll bring some chocolate sprinkles too!!!! :D

160- what about the Lord of the Ringholes series?

Simon signing in, I brought brownies and a watermelon...

I'm not single...but I brought the entire twilight series. So you can thank me later. For now lets watch. *signs in*

Torva_fml 16

Not sure why everyone is sad... Guys, find a lonely guy.... Girls, find a Horny guy. Problem solved, judging by the thread, there are plenty of singles.

:zombicidal: I brought Backdoor ***** 9 and icecream sandwiches

oh **** someone else brought the same film darn hang on I'll run back to my place and grab bangin my step mom3

ilove80smetal 8

*signs name: joshua*. Is today the day we get laid again?

The_Troller 14

I think WindowLicker was only trying to do something nice for us. I don't know about you guys, but I always watch comedy movies to cheer up when I'm sad.

More recruits! YAY! knowyourmeme. co m /memes/subcultures/the-solo-regiment/photos

lhazz11 23

Lauren signing in. I brought 22 gallons of Ben and Jerry's.

Insomniasenemy 6

*Signs in: Sammi* all I brought was a various variety of cheeses and whine I also brought hand made sweaters for everyone!

No one ever signs my guestbook :( *forever alone*

*signs in* I brought Titanic to watch :'(

shot3 0

CODY* FML,.... Ugh, I'll bring the chips and soda if it's not too late,:/.... And the lotion,

Killuhk 8

Can I bring the whipped cream?

What time does the narwhal bacon? (had to comment on your pic)

rifletwirler92 15

I thought we had a rule where we wouldn't say that anymore.

Oh, for heaven's sake. Stop griping about how much Valentines Day sucks and go enjoy some chocolate. Your cannabinoid receptors will thank you.

Taurusbaybe 8

Exactly! Just for fun, my coworker and I exchanged chocolates. I ate the whole box :). Go enjoy yourself, no need to be down on... Tuesday.

Seems we have a smart one here! Well played.

sonrisapreciosa 6

Yeah you can always look foward to the discounted chocolates right after today ;)

143 - exactly!! Discounted chocolate for the rest of the week, and free chocolate today!

Snafuusmc 12

Tell me about it. You know what? No don't cause people keep posting " I'm gonna be so alone for valentines day" bullshit!