By rightlessonwrong - 15/09/2014 05:06 - United States - Houston

Today, after politely reminding my husband to turn the bathroom light off after he's done, he did so. While I was on the toilet. FML
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rightlessonwrong tells us more.

OP here. I was on the toilet while he was brushing his teeth. After he turned the light off I said "Hello, someone still in here!" To which he replied, "Oops! Sorry Hun!" And turned it back on for me.

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well he did as you asked.

Practice makes perfect.


..... okay, and?

euphoricness 28

Get up and turn it back on! The situation is no different than asking someone to bring you toilet paper.

How are those even simular?

So if its no different and there is no toilet paper I'm supposed to get up and get my own toilet paper? After going to the bathroom?! I hope you don't really expect anyone to do that. I hope even more that you haven't done that.

Wow. I'm glad that legitimate FMLs are rejected in order that the publication of this FML could be possible. "Sorry Mr. Edison. Don't even bother with the light bulb. People can turn it off."

well he did as you asked.

It's true. He is just following directions.

You really gotta be more specific, OP.

Seems strange that the OP would want her husband to wait for her to finish in the bathroom to turn the light the OP somehow not able to do this herself?

No, #45. She's asking her husband to turn off the light when he's done with the bathroom, not when she's done with it.

Practice makes perfect.

Well atleast he tried!

at least you know he did as instructed

How can he be done, when you were already using the toilet? FML for not understanding this.

BBlah 26

He was probably shaving or something while she was using the toilet

So if they were both in there, and she was on the toilet she must have known she would take longer and could have turned the light off herself right?

Hey at least he turned it off

Jellysweetheart 23

Well good for you! You got your husband to listen, a rare feat in itself.

i cant imagine the number down votes if i had said the same thing except substituted the word husband with wife...........

#63 Unfortunately you're right about that

Dreamsorrow93 24

So is that his way of saying not only is he done in the bathroom, but with you as well?

Or maybe she was refreshing her make-up, after she was done with his D?

Damn my "joke" was bad and I should feel bad...

You beat me to it #49