By thanks mom ¬_¬ - 24/08/2013 22:05 - United States - Carlsbad

Today, my mom visited my new apartment for the first time. I was showing her the bedroom, when she looked into my opened sock drawer and said, "Using Durex, eh? Yeah, you were born 'cause a Trojan split." FML
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There's nothing like condom talk with your mother.

It's ok, I was an accident too. We should be friends.


There's nothing like condom talk with your mother.

AppleJuiceBox 10

You could say he's a ... "broken man". No? Oh.. Okay..

WeAreAHurricane 14

Durex are the WORST!!!

Im sure it was just an ACCIDENTAL slip of the tongue.


crisanba 18

TROJAN MAN! Not as durable as Durex

Glad Force-flex trash bags!

You sir have been putting stupid ass comments.

Sweet, sweet irony.

Saran Wrap would be more effective than a Durex...

44, that's like telling him to go and buy a pack of rubber gloves and some scissors.

At least she's honest with you. Oh mothers... :P

Why was she looking into your drawer? you need to talk about boundaries with your mother OP.

UnicornFarts 15

It's not like his mom opened the draw it was already opened. All she did was look inside.

Why would it be weird for her to look in his sock drawer??? It's not like she's a complete stranger for Pete's sake, she's his mother!!

It's ok, I was an accident too. We should be friends.

AppleJuiceBox 10

Can we make a club for this or something..?

I can already see the Accident Anonymous Meatings now: "Um...Hi...I'm Brennan and uhh...I was an accident." "Hi, Brennan."

I thought everyone was an accident until people in my class started telling me they were planned

Yeah, we should make a club! I was an accident and adopted, such a lovely combo...

ApollosMyth 22

Woohoo, adopted accidents unite!

My twin sister and I were double the unwanted accident when my moms birth control pills failed. What a combo....

My mother had 5 kids in 4 years while on birth control, I was accident number 4

I know the feels. I was number six and my sister seven. But birth control should not be failing that often or that much. Perhaps she wasn't taking it correctly?

I'm proof that the combination of the pill and a condom is no match for super sperm!

#29 you were the chosen one :3

Since we have a support group now lol. Thanks for sharing!

I'm a Trojan baby too. We are the spawn of Odysseus!!

Wow low blow hahaha

That's probably what op's mom should have done.

Damn Trojan.

zahra_786 19

Well I'm sure she's very thankful that it split because she was blessed with you OP! :)

Don't sweat it OP. At this point in your life does it matter?