By jobless - 16/05/2012 07:36 - United States - Groton

Today, I found out that I am allergic to grass, and not supposed to mow lawns. My job is mowing lawns. FML
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How did you not find this out earlier?

Nose mask, protective eyewear and lots of Zertec or Clariton for you my friend. The other choice is to learn the following phrase: "Would you like fries with that?" Good luck


It would be funnier if he was Mexican. I am not xenophobic or a racist just wanted that to be clear.

Yup look like its time to look for a new job

Why was my comment taken off? I am cursed now!

My statement was just saying I thought it would be if OP was from the country that borders the USA from the south. And I declaring that I am not a xenophobe or a racist.

Are you Mexican??

Well it's just life telling you it's time for a change of plans

Over-exposure might have caused this.

Thank you 3 I will use that as my excuse for not cutting grass. :)

How did you not find this out earlier?

Lefty-right, I wanna hear ya one (Two!) One (Two!) One-two-three-four… Three-four… Three-four, your one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four… Marching cadence, FTW

Marching candence; so intense you do it in your sleep.

Sue your employer for putting you in a hazardous working condition.

This is one of the stupidest comments I've seen.

hey in America anythings possible like a million dollar HOT coffee lawsuit!

5- Please be joking..

How can you not understand that this is sarcastic..

Nose mask, protective eyewear and lots of Zertec or Clariton for you my friend. The other choice is to learn the following phrase: "Would you like fries with that?" Good luck

Look at the bright side, you get paid for it. But if your allergies are that bad try find another Job that you'd enjoy doing!

What kind of reaction are we talking here? Itchy eyes, and stuffy nose? Or constricted airways and seizing on the ground?

To all the marijuana trolls out there - I TOLD YOU GRASS WAS DEADLY! Now you have proof.

Too late. Brace yourselves, a shitstorm is coming. I can taste it.

"MARIJUANA HAS HEALTH BENEFITS, LESS DANGEROUS THAN ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO. I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG" No need to worry, I took care of the majority of the argument.

Marijuana is a gateway drug, everyone knows that. Very deadly. *Sits back and waits for tsunami of thumb downs and hateful comments from people who cannot spell correctly because they are half or fully baked and in the midst of a Cheetos and BIg Mac craving.*

37 Pretty much summed up the whole marijuana bad vs good argument.

Marijuana is a gateway drug. To what. My refrigerator?

I didn't know the people on FML were so square. Oh noes people not hurting anyone, quick throw them in prison! 49 - A gate way to good times.

58 just couldn't resist and had to prove everyone right!

49, you laugh, but obesity kills millions. Now, back to trying to make tofu taste like cheetos and pork rinds, if I can keep them skinny they'll make me a millionaire!

reddudeover - Please, tell me more. *tosses popcorn in the microwave, grabs a pint of Guinness*

Brace yourselves, the potheads are coming! The potheads are coming!

19- I'd hate to be you right now. 58- people like you annoy me greatly. 67- there's a clue in his name :) just a minor one.

Baustigt, you and Doc come on over. I have Guinness on tap, lots of Guinness on tap!

OH and bring Noor with you, she's a party!

*Smashed bong over Docs head* Yea, I won tha argument!

Nope. You actually just made yourself look stupid.

Wait you just found out? How long have you been mowing lawns?!

Perhaps a riding lawn mower and a impenetrable airtight-oxygen filled suit? Ten again, just quit your job op. working a job that hinders your well being and health is never worth it.