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  RageWolf16  |  31

It's not healthy to keep a hamster in its cage all the time... As long as the area is safe, it's good for hamsters to be able to run free once every day or so

  Genociiide  |  15

just cause he was "fine" doesn't mean that he was shitting himself terrified or that you actually should. plus how do you know he was hamsters hide their injuries

  katina1236  |  20

I gave my hamster baths all the time. Nothing happened to him and he lived almost 6 years which is pretty good considering their average lifespan is 2-4 years, so no bathing hamsters doesn't kill them.

  Angelastic_fml  |  18

I found the original FML on the French site (it's from 2011, but easy to find since it's the latest illustrated one) and the OP did follow up. He says the hamster was fine, the incident just gave everyone a fright.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

If they get sucked in head or tail first they'll probably survive. However, if the vacuum was applied to the middle of their back, they may have gotten folded in half.
Snap, Krackle, Pop, dead hamster.