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To the people that keep having a hissy fit about me hating IKEA — deal with it. It's a matter of personal taste and I happen to dislike not only the design of their pieces but also the quality of their furniture; which is rubbish. You like it? Fine, whatever. I couldn't care less. I don't like it and I'm not changing my mind just because you think I should like it. And, again, personally, to me, IKEA is overrated. With that in mind, please feel free to hate me, or my furniture preferences, as much as you like; I'll be here in my little country having a life.
By Skyra - / Friday 2 March 2012 21:06 / Portugal
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  ThisIsMyReign  |  4

OP were you on shrooms or a acid? Can you not tell elevation differences? Does everything seem flat to you? "oh look a floating faucet, fascinating! Oh, Shit!" was that your last words before the clash between knee an counter ? I want your drugs. :)

  mboehm88  |  3

I've been wondering how this FML doesn't have more "you deserved it" votes considering the OP's clumsiness caused this all to happen even though IKEA was somehow blamed

  1crabbygirl  |  10

Correct, we are left to assume it was, or that OP thought it was by his/her reference to the frequent use of plexiglass by:
1 the hotel
2 the disposable furniture superstore

  Feared  |  9

Unless of course your excuse for your clumsiness is something awesome. I trip over my penis all the time. My excuse? I have super short legs.

(bet you thought this was a big dick joke :P)

  MoonPhase123  |  4

In my opinion, hitting her knee is her fault not IKEA's, note she said 'When I rammed my knee into my hotel'- blah blah. Unless if the counter suddenly came to life, sprouted feet and rammed itself into OP's knee then, yeah...

  tennisrapper1  |  14

I agree, people are clumsy, its human nature (to a degree, half the fmls on here relating to clumsiness are just messed up :P) but unless the OP bruised it bad beyond belief, tore it somehow, or suffered a horrible injury, I don't think he/she should be complaining.

  tennisrapper1  |  14

Well, sir, skyrim is pretty damn awesome, but even i am annoyed by the constant arrow to the knee jokes. It was ruined by people taking it too far. So your comment wasn't mandatory, you were just trying to troll. You added that little sentence before so you would get some people to think your comment wasn't as "trolly" as it really was.

By  br0ccoli  |  14

In the left corner we have OP's knee. In the right corner, we have streamlined plexiglass. And the fight begins! OP's knee seems to be the aggressor while the plexiglass is more on defense. This fight is intense but it is anyone's fight... Ding ding ding! And plexiglass wins!