By Anonymous - 28/02/2011 03:23

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me for not letting her keep the 75 cents that she stole from my truck. FML
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Wow, you couldn't let her keep three quarters? Did you think this would happen: *Mugger: give me at least 75 cents or I blow your brains out! *You: Curse my evil girlfriend, she has killed me!



^^ Exactly!! why would you be a cheap ass and take it away.

Why would you be a cheap ass and steal it?

Well, I think the female is for all those who will come in contact with you. if you end a relationship over 75 cents (yes, it took both parties for it to end) then I don't want to know what you'd do for.... say 5$.

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oh no! she took a whole 75 cents?! how dare she steal such quantities of money? now how will you ever be able to pay off this months bill?

its not the amount you dumbasses its the gesture.. 75 cents or 75$, who cares, she stole it from him.. why would she be so cheap as to steal from her own beef and how in the nine hells should he give it to her as a gift on top of that?!! Wtf, you people are amazing..

Seriously, how does op deserve it? She took the money without asking. Maybe he needed it for a parking meter, or toll. Either way it doesn't matter, she should've asked.

Ok, maybe she "borrowed" it. besides, he should have let her keep it.

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at least some people can understand that stealing is stealing no matter who does it or what they steal.

66 and 110 are right. It is just 75 cents, but if she steals 75 cents, Why couldn't she steal more? What does she do when you're not there?

right? these guy's are dumb, taking change from a car usually means it's for parking or toll, he drives the bitch around at least he should be able to park his bloody car

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I can't believe people are saying what a bitch the OPs ex is for 'stealing'. Who the hell considers taking 75c from your partner stealing? I mean to me, stealing implies some kind of underhandedness. Like if she'd snuck into his car and took the 75c without him knowing. More likely is that she'd gone to get a drink or something and needed some spare change. Maybe that would be a bit weird if it was a stranger (still not stealing) but that's the kind of thing you do when you're with someone. As for the whole 'stealing is stealing' thing, I think that's a little bit bullshit. Taking 75c from someones car and taking $100 from their wallet is not the same and you know it. If I went to buy a drink, then later on my boyfriend demanded I give him back 75c I'd think he was a little OCD and definitely a tight ass. And I would say the same thing if the genders were reversed.

bs, it is the same.. the amount doesnt matter, stealing is stealing... you say the dude is cheap, how can you be any any cheaper let alone desperate to stealing from your bf, for 75 cents?! and btw the op used the word "STEALING", not BORROWED, not FOUND.. it is only safe to assume that she indeed stole it and hé caught her, I dunno how you get off assuming that its for parcometers or whatever.. You guys just change the story all around then put a judgement on the part that you make up, lol.. please! clearly, you are the dumb one pal

This FML needs more information for me to really vote either way. On the one hand I can understand him being upset that she just took some money without asking (only barely, as really, it's just $0.75). On the other hand he could have flipped out at his girlfriend about it. I could definitely see him turning it into a huge argument and pressing her on it, demanding she give it back. I would say that would be perfectly acceptable grounds for a breakup.

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random change in a car is fair game for any legit passenger. she didn't secretly go into his wallet or use his credit card! for him to even say anything to her about it says much more about his character than hers.

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@Those who are unaware: the dollar sign goes BEFORE the number.

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Yeah you're right it is the gesture. The gesture is that he coudn't part with 75 cents. I don't think she needed the 75 cents so bad as she needed a boyfriend who would not mind giving her a small pile of change.

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If shes going to dump you for 75 cents, then you deserve better then her.

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You idiots are wasting time over someone else's breakup? If I was you I spend time trying to prevent my girlfriend/boyfriend from breaking up with ME, but whatever

Implying your way is the only right way. Many other countries put the dollar sign after the number. Neither is wrong, even in America.

201 you dont seem to understand that its not a gift, he caught her stealing, and he should reward her on top of that? wtf, this is retarded.. the op's ex is most probably a spoiled brat whos used to have everything she wants so now she throws a fit cause its denied to her.. op is better off without her anyway

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I don't think I would even want 75 cents back if I gave it to someone nonetheless my gf. my gf can take $20 bucks from me and I wouldn't mind.... but with that said, is that really enough to break up with someone? over 75 cents?

Really!? @ both of you: It's 75 cents!!! Who ******* cares!!! you are both idiots.

I know right, greedy bastard. The girlfriend is overreacting too, though

just an excuse op she was gna break up with u anyway she needed a reason

yeah it sounds like they were just looking for an excuse to break up. And if that's not the case, then they're just extremely cheap -.-

probably a matter of principle for him.

I pretty much liked your comment solely because of your username and picture. Hail The King!!!

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I wanted to be first:( and poppy should have let her keep it!

Wow, you couldn't let her keep three quarters? Did you think this would happen: *Mugger: give me at least 75 cents or I blow your brains out! *You: Curse my evil girlfriend, she has killed me!

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Ah. So, it's alright to steal from your partner? That's new. 75 cents isn't many, true true, but it's all about the gesture. Some people find 10 euros not many money, does that mean that they have the right to steal it from you? No, they don't. Stealing (from you partner) is wrong, no matter how much it is.

Yeah, it's wrong, but you TALK about it, it's not something to end a whole relationship on :/

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Why can't you people get it through your head that it's a matter of principle? Either way, there's too little information here to determine anything. Here's a sum up of most of the comments: "The girlfriend's a total bitch" - Wrong. "We know absolutely NOTHING about the FML, but I'm going to make up an entire story, since OP must be the asshole in the story" - Wrong. "Well, there isn't too much information to go on, but it's likely both of them were in the wrong, but it seems to me if she broke up with him because he wanted the money she stole from him, no matter the amount, maybe she wasn't that much worth it" - Probably most right, but there's really no way to tell. Basically, we just have no way to know, at all.

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187- but all FMLs are like that. you never get the whole story, so you might as well assume. It wouldn't be fun to read "FYL" and "YDI" over and over in the comments.

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222, this FML is a lot more vague than any other FML I've seen. Most have enough information, or if not, enough information for assuming. I don't see a way to "assume" anything here without making up your own story.

75 cents really? i cant balme her shes not that cheap shes gotta be worth atleast $2 hahaha

she was only $1.50 yesterday, must have been discount day. also, your better off without that cheap bitch.

I would of let her keep it, but f*ck that gold digging bitch.

It is also possible that OP keeps coins in his truck for toll roads. That is a very logical and plausible reason, but I'm just playing Devil's Advocate.

FYL indeed if you can't afford to lose 75 cents to your evil, thieving girlfriend.