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Today, it marks the fourth month since my 15-year-old cousin asked me out, then started practically stalking me when I said no. It's also the fourth month of my parents and his constantly telling me to stop overreacting and that it's "just a phase." FML
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Chellybelly92 14

I don't understand why parents just brush off weird behaviors like that rather than just addressing them.

Your parents should be taking this seriously, that's some seriously disturbing behaviour.


Wizardo 33

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rahulcool7 14

I think that may be a step to far

Wizardo 33

Not really, stalking is a serious issue. Its always underestimated and ignored but it can lead up to more serious things happening to OP. Restraining order is the order of the day. If you don't want to go that far then just threaten with legal action then.

You do realise that a Super-Injunction is put in place to stop the media printing stories about a certain person or event, right?

Wizardo 33

Oh my bad, I have no idea why I said it, it sounded cool I guess. Forgive me guys.

also she said "practically stalking". its probably a bit of an exaggeration.

The police have better things to do than stop a cousin stalking his relative. If the police were to get involved then I'd say that's a waste of tax payer money.

and that would cause issues, like if they have a family dinner then both of them would not be able to be there at the same time

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I would totally take advice from a person who used a cool sounding legal term, while having absolutely no idea what it even means.

Wizardo 33

I admit I made a mistake but I would rather take the precaution of going to the authorities because of the fact that the parents in this equation refuse to help. Anyway whoever actually listens to advice from FML has issues, we only say it to feel like we're doing something -.- I admit that too.

I'm surprised this is getting thumbed down so much. I think that going to the police is a fine idea. Although OP used the phrase 'practically stalking', the cousin's inappropriate behavior appears to be escalating and trending towards actual, criminal stalking. Since OP's parents and the cousin's parents are not adequately protecting her, enlisting the help of an outside party is the only recourse she has. If she went to another trusted adult (ie, school counselor), that person would have limited power to stop this young man's behavior. Even if the cousin is not actually breaking any laws, minimal police involvement is sometimes enough to scare the aggressor into ceasing the harassment.

cousin on cousin is not incest. (well... not in a legal sense). The only thing that is illegal is close relatives. E.G parents and siblings. Cousins in a relationship is unusual and creepy, but legally acceptable. The reason for this is that the risk for having a retarded offspring from a cousin-cousin relationship is not that high. Whereas a parent child or sibling relationship allows limited room for genetic diversity, meaning that the child is likely to have a deformity. Also the fact that O.P. said 'practically stalking' suggests that they are exaggerating. Therefore, this would be a waste of police time as nothing illegal has happened.

Yup, law is dependent on where you live. Here in my province its legal to date or marry your second cousin but illegal to date/marry your first cousin. On the eastern side from what I have been told by people from that side of our country in their province it is legal to date or marry your first and second cousin. In terms of siblings, parents, etc it is illegal across the country in all of the provinces last time I had checked or heard. All of this is crazy to me in my opinion.

Cousin-cousin relationships are a lot less likely to have genetic mutations due to incest. However, most research indicates that the potential for defects lasts up until 3rd cousins.

Maybe in Canada. In the United States first cousins is always illegal and I believe it is consdered incestuous. I believe some states allow second cousins.

Chellybelly92 14

I don't understand why parents just brush off weird behaviors like that rather than just addressing them.

Parents can be seriously oblivious. Just like you will be one day.

they are aware of the situation, they just aren't going to do anything about it. that's not oblivious

Chellybelly92 14

9, that's a lot to assume of my possible parenting one day.

Agreed! For a while my dad was convinced that my older cousin had a crush on me, but he said it was okay because "all boys are like that at that age." wtf?!

18, It's impossible to not be oblivious about something.

After the dad witnesses the cousin trying to make a move, I can see the dad saying, "HOLY **** WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US HE WAS TRYING TO HIT ON YOU!?"

Axel5238 29

A lot of older people see some behavior as sweet bc they are determined, but don't understand that if it's unwanted it really isn't harmless bc it can really turn into something serious. Also they don't understand how easy it is to find someone just by the name with facebook ect..

MzZombicidal 36

The fact that they are pretty much allowing this disturbing behavior bothers me Yes, I get it, "aw, he has a crush" but he's also *harrassing* her. That is just not something he should be taught is okay.

Sounds like the parents don't want to face up to the intra-family problem, so they don't have to deal with it.

I see a restraining order in your future EDIT: #1 beat me to it

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How was the OP supposed to know that their parents would just make an excuse for one of their family members crushing/stalking them rather than fixing the situation?! That's ridiculous.

Wat... That's like saying, "Oh don't bother going to the police if you've been raped, because a lot of cases get thrown out/nothing happens." Besides, how was the OP to know her parents wouldn't care? If I was being stalked by someone, cousin or stranger, I would assume my parents would care...

Keep all instances of him stalking you for proof and go file for a restraining order. Then hopefully both yours and his parents will have to realize how serious this is, and validate your feelings of being threatened by your cousin.

Your parents should be taking this seriously, that's some seriously disturbing behaviour.

NavalAvaiations1 5

you need to go to your aunt and uncle. be an adult and be kind, but show every text, message, email and call log.

If the aunt and uncle act the way OP's parents do, OP should get a lawyer and file for a restraining order. Unless OP is being an overdramatic teenager, and stalking counts as magically having the same class together at school.

According to the post, the guy's parents also dont care about it

TwinkleToes7 15

That's not creepy at all!!.......

this is very alarming behavior. if you're parents think this is a joke go to a teacher, friends parents, or someone that can be trusted before it goes further.