Violence is never the answer

By MUemma - 26/02/2010 00:33 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came to visit me. He told me he was cheating on me, and that he wanted to break up. I was so angry that as he left, I started screaming at him out of my second story apartment window. I picked up a huge potted plant and shoved it through the window at him. It missed my ex and hit my car. FML
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Well, you could be in jail for manslaughter by now... Anger management FTW. Revenge is a dish served cold.

Wow, I wonder why he broke up with you. Cheaters suck, but you're insane. Karma baby.


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next time aim for ur car and maybe you'll get another shot at him!!!

Agree with #1! It amazes me how many people cheered the girl in the song "Before He Cheats." He might be a jerk, but you don't need to try to kill him over it. You could have easily concussed him if you were a better shot.

korn247 5

in "before he cheats", she doesn't try to kill him!! listen to the song... she's talking about "killing" his car.

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yea a aim at ur car and it'll hit him

I wonder why he left you? I mean a mentally and emotional woman as you, how could anyone bear to give you up?

Josher47 0

same double standard. When girls cheat on guys, guys can't even do anything b/c of the double standard. Imagine if a guy keyed a girls car for cheating on him (also before he cheats is about her suspecting her bf of cheating. She doesn't even know if he is... so its even worse)

By the way, I mean to say emotionally and mentally stable.

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fyl? you just tried to kill your ex! if that would have landed on her head, you'd have been fecked!

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lmao @ #1... and op ydi for acting like a psycho

you got really lucky you hit your car instead of him. a vehicle repair is a lot cheaper and less stressful than a lawsuit for a cracked skull and broken neck/back in combination with criminal charges for assault

I'm pretty sure OP said it was her boyfriend...

FYLDeep 25

she deserves it for trying to make a plant do her dirty work.

ydi why do you think he cheated on you? also I find it sexist that girls can do this, even if they SUSPECT the bf to be cheating, while if a guy did this most girls would try to beat him to death (exggerration) I mean, the girls are getting equality and they were fighting for no sexism. but many of them are hypocrites (want no sexism but is sexist to guys). seriously. but ydi crazy violent bitch at least he admitted to cheating on you. be sorts grateful for that

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FIRST! Yess!! anyway that sucks I hope you have insurance and file a claim and be like , I woke up and that shit was already there!! whaaaa

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your second.

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Wow. Not only are you NOT first, you just advised someone to commit insurance fraud....that's a real winner right there...

What relevence does that have to any of these comments?

ENMBARRRASSSSINNGGG yes fyl. try joining a sport and you can improve your aim :)

Attempted murder is not cool, anyway, at least he told you.

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Let this be a lesson to you for the future. Never throw heavy items at cheating boyfriends near your car. better yet, just throw them at HIS car. in the meanwhile, I'm sure he got a good laugh out of it. so yeah, that sucks.

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Yeah ******* crazy ass bitch...and I'm a girl too! REally what was going through that crazy angry lil dumb head of yours? Wow....

Well, you could be in jail for manslaughter by now... Anger management FTW. Revenge is a dish served cold.

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it wouldn't have killed him you dumbshits

145 and 147, I think you are both wrong-the OP was being stupid

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r u serious..u could hav killed dat guy..op is one psycho

Wow, I wonder why he broke up with you. Cheaters suck, but you're insane. Karma baby.

Yup. Anyone who thinks violence is an effective (or even acceptable) answer to anything, is a person who deserves to be cheated on. And anyone who executes violent acts is asking for trouble.

yes, that could have caused so much damage to *anyone*

Emma Marshall 19

No. Cheaters make you temporarily insane.

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YDI for attempting murder! it's just a boyfriend. go get laid.

Girls shouldn't be throwing things in the kitchen!

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lol gotta be careful around the sammiches!