By Kyle - United Kingdom
Today, I searched frantically for my glasses for ages. After giving up, I realised I could see perfectly. I had been wearing them the whole time and neither my mother nor my father told me because "it was far too funny" watching me yell "Where the fuck are they?" FML
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  miianah1  |  22

Lol I thought OP was saying that he lost his glasses but then realized that he has perfect vision and that he never needed glasses, and that his parents were tricking him into thinking he needed glasses. So I instantly pressed YDI. Boy, do I need to read more carefully. Sorry, OP.

  Rick_S  |  3

I have to agree. I would have done this, too. I'm laughing at the visual idea of trying to find your glasses that are on your face. Sounds like you've got some fairly cool parents. I know mine would have laughed right along with me if I were the one looking for my glasses when I had them on.

  ihasbrains  |  10

Sometimes, I'm talking on the phone, and a thought pops into my mind....

It goes like, 'wait a minute...where the fuck did I put my phone?!'

And then I tell the person I'm talking to to 'hold on, I need to find my phone.'

We all do stupid shit, it's really funny.

By  malpalll  |  0

lol I've done that before. and I've gotten in the shower wondering why it was so damn foggy. glasses can make you look smart, but act really fucking stupid sometimes lol

  NOWAYJOSE  |  14

#22 I once put both contacts in my left eye, and wondered why I still couldn't see.

  kinga08  |  0

I've done the exact same thing as OP at least twice, and I've jumped into a pool with them on and went into the shower as well--totally normal! I'm near-sighted so I always have my glasses on and hate how I look with contacts. You get so accustomed to wearing glasses that they become second nature and you forget they're there sometimes. People who don't wear glasses from the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep just don't understand.