By Kyle - 10/05/2011 10:48 - United Kingdom

Today, I searched frantically for my glasses for ages. After giving up, I realised I could see perfectly. I had been wearing them the whole time and neither my mother nor my father told me because "it was far too funny" watching me yell "Where the fuck are they?" FML
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iAmScrubs 19

At least you didn't offer an 100 dollar reward price on who finds the glasses first..

RockstarRN 10

Oh wow! That sucks but it is pretty funny!


RockstarRN 10

Oh wow! That sucks but it is pretty funny!

ImaWiseGuy 5

can't you "see" the humor in that?

Brandnewuser 0

no I can't "see" the humor! I can't find my glasses!!!

ImaWiseGuy 5

touché 30, touché....

hahahah that happened to me in class

my mom does this...

my grandma does this..

my great grandma does this

LMAO I did that once... My sister and dad where just laughing at me which made me more frustrated lol

I did that with my retainer once... the waitress wasn't so happy when I figured out I had it on and not in the garbage like I though.

afields95 5

I've done that before

how come no one ever comments about my comments!!

scar97 0

93- cause you act like a whiny bitch. happy? I commented on your comment.

geeez 102 take a chill pill.

If I was the OPs parents I would have done the same thing.

102, it wuda been funnier if nobody had responded to his comment

scar97 0

122- yeah, but I felt it was a pretty good time to tell it to him like it is.

that's exactly what I was thinking. he didn't notice that he could actually look for his glasses :)

Angi95 3

I would have video tapped it and laughed but that's just me

I've done this several times... ^_^

iAmScrubs 19

At least you didn't offer an 100 dollar reward price on who finds the glasses first..

ImaWiseGuy 5

brandon roy's the truth....^

lol'd at 2. This is actually a pretty common thing. It only becomes weird if you're looking for more than 15 minutes without realising.

Lol I thought OP was saying that he lost his glasses but then realized that he has perfect vision and that he never needed glasses, and that his parents were tricking him into thinking he needed glasses. So I instantly pressed YDI. Boy, do I need to read more carefully. Sorry, OP.

Shows how helpful they are! Next time though, for the love of god make sure you're not wearing them!

British people... god help them.

Lol nice parents ;D sucks to b u with those parents ;)

I would have done the same thing as your parents. That kind of thing happens to all of us. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Rick_S 3

I have to agree. I would have done this, too. I'm laughing at the visual idea of trying to find your glasses that are on your face. Sounds like you've got some fairly cool parents. I know mine would have laughed right along with me if I were the one looking for my glasses when I had them on.

tmmundy 17

my husband would lose his head if it wasn't attach...but he gets sooooo f'ing mad it's not funny anymore. so keep laughing at your mishaps =)

SpectSelf 0

what are you blind? or dumb? just kidding. everybody done some shit like that before

CateXOX 0

All jokes aside, we know he's definitely not blind with his glasses on. Dumb... Maybe.

KennKenn 0

Happens to the best of us. When I'm at school I sometimes forget where my pen is, then I realise it's in my hand.

Sometimes, I'm talking on the phone, and a thought pops into my mind.... It goes like, 'wait a minute...where the fuck did I put my phone?!' And then I tell the person I'm talking to to 'hold on, I need to find my phone.' We all do stupid shit, it's really funny.

106 - That is hilarious.

well, you are british!

malpalll 0

lol I've done that before. and I've gotten in the shower wondering why it was so damn foggy. glasses can make you look smart, but act really fucking stupid sometimes lol

Perhaps just switch to contacts? But contacts seem to be very troublesome as well.


#22 I once put both contacts in my left eye, and wondered why I still couldn't see.

wait, #10 is the one who wrote that FML, your so stupid

I hate contacts :( I prefer my glasses :3 but I need to get new ones :(

i've entered the shower with glasses too!!!

malpalll 0

65- no, i did not write this FML, dumbass. thanks though.

kinga08 0

I've done the exact same thing as OP at least twice, and I've jumped into a pool with them on and went into the shower as well--totally normal! I'm near-sighted so I always have my glasses on and hate how I look with contacts. You get so accustomed to wearing glasses that they become second nature and you forget they're there sometimes. People who don't wear glasses from the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep just don't understand.

mintcar 9

It happens OP. Sometimes I'll do that with my car keys when I'm in a huge rush and then realize seconds later that it's right in my hands.