By sorryyouweregone - 25/03/2013 13:13 - Japan - Tokyo

Today, I was at a goodbye dinner with friends before I move back to America. A friend called to cry over relationship problems she refuses to fix. While I was outside trying to politely get off the phone, my friends ate and drank everything I'd ordered and closed the bill. FML
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twaumat 28

wow, those are some crappy friends...

Aspen_Grace33 27

Be glad you are moving if those are the kind of people you will be leaving behind!


twaumat 28

wow, those are some crappy friends...

Damian95 16

Seriously. True friends stab you in the front. These friends just ate everything without consideration. Eh pretty much the same thing.

So much for Japanese courtesy.

JoeGrant 12

It's a good thing OP is moving back to America away from her "friends".

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I read the last two words as "butt stew," much different result!

If OP's friend asks for advice and still refuses to listen after the same problem continues to occur I don't blame OP for listening only begrudgingly.

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The worst thing you can do when you get downvoted is bitch about it.

What 36 said. You either go into the hole we're digging you quietly or you apologise and *then* go in the hole.

I guess it's too late for a eulogy for #2, he's already buried.

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hellobobismyname 24

2, there are certain people who complain and bitch about shit they could have resolved 20 times over if they tried. For example, when my friend talks to me she only talks about a few topics. Either she's bragging about how rich she is or she talks about her problems with her bf who has a kid. She doesn't like that he spends a lot of money for child support, she doesn't like that he won't buy her expensive things, she doesn't like the mother of his kid, she doesn't like how immature he is, and she wants to beeak up, blah blah blah. That's why I never answer her calls. There are just some people who like to bitch about the things they can change. Who would choose to listen to that over a dinner with friends? Although in this case, the friends don't seem to be that much of a step up.

Some people like being stuck with the poor me victim mentality. They want sympathy, not advice or support. While I feel bad for op, when I'm out to dinner with friends, my ringer goes off. If op knew this friend was a complainer, then why answer in the first place?

Personally, I think OP's friend was being pretty rude by interrupting a going-away party with her relationship problems. The OP is leaving for another country, and all his/her friend was thinking about was herself. OP should have asserted himself/herself and said she'll/he'll call back later. I mean, how long was the OP out there? 20 minutes? Half an hour? Longer than that? It's rude to leave your own party, and I'm not surprised the friends ended up everything and closed the bill. By the sounds of it, the friends thought OP had left.

klovemachine 24

This is a good time to disappear and stick them with the bill

I really don't see how you are sticking them with the bill. You don't eat or drink anything, you have no bill.

klovemachine 24

As long as OP isn't paying for food he didn't eat

Aspen_Grace33 27

Be glad you are moving if those are the kind of people you will be leaving behind!

Sounds like you've got some clASSy friends, OP.

Really put the ass in class, don't they?

Indubitably, #7

Nowhere in this fml does it say they were friends because of school, #6... *wordplay oblivious*

50-the only oblivious one here is you. The wordplay had nothing to do with school.

I wasn't saying you were oblivious...I was making a joke out of not understanding your wordplay, which is why it says I'm oblivious... (For more help, see "sexually oblivious female" meme)

^Dude, I'm practically a meme scholar, and I read that comment and thought "dafuq?"

josh7279 7

You got some good "friends" there.

trellz17 19

Who does shit like that?

TwoOneFive 11

Apparently her friends do

trellz17 19


NickaPLZ 26

It's a two-way street though. Apparently OP's friends do that, yes, but he also took his grand ass time outside on the phone, so it's like pick your side, I guess. And that's why I like your comment cause it can go both ways.

They closed out the bill? So you weren't out any money, right? If you took a long time dealing with your phone call, they probably thought you left. If no one knew what you were doing or where you had gone, you are the one to appear to be the rude one, not your friends.

Although I don't know how long she was on the phone, I assume she told them where she was going and why. This just sounds like the friends took advantage of the situation.

She was gone long enough to have all her food eaten. I would think if the friends knew where she was, someone would have found/ checked on her. Btw They paid for her food and drink. There's no situation to take advantage of because she wasn't stuck with the bill. (:

RedPillSucks 31

Except she's still hungry

Well now it sort of depends how many friends there were. If there was five or six people it wouldn't take long to down a drink and an average main course. Also, they took advantage of the extra food.

That's forked up! ...too spoon?

TwoOneFive 11

I guess it's never too spoon to look for puns!