Don't even try

By divingconfidence - 22/12/2012 11:21 - United States - Maple Grove

Today, it was my first time at the club. I saw a really cute girl. I finally worked up the courage to ask her to dance. Before I even got within five feet of her, she looked me in the eyes and vehemently shook her head. I did a 180. My friends saw everything. They are still laughing. FML
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You shoulda just kept walking past her. She woulda felt stupid after that.

Forget it and move on, it's a club who cares.


Forget it and move on, it's a club who cares.

Even so, that was pretty rough.

Your "friends" sound like assholes

Friends can laugh at other friends its part of friendship. If you can't have a laugh with your friends it would be a pretty boring group of friends.

OP isn't laughing with his friends; they're laughing at him. There's a difference

I'm sure you've never laughed at a friend who wasn't laughing with you. It will turn into a 'remember that one time when...' Stories and he will laugh about it eventually. Nothing like getting your ego kicked in the nuts.

#6: Either way, laughing at a friend's mistakes and injuries just show that you have a sense of humor. Chances are that OP two minutes earlier said to all of his friends "Watch me pick up this chick and dance with her."

His friends sound like typical friends... Do all you and your friends do is sit around and play chess while talking about politics and literature?

how can anyone be good friends if they can't laugh at each others expense? it's a common thing to do.

True friends troll you.

RvidxrKlvn 8

I've said this once and i'll say it again. You think OP's friends are assholes for laughing at him but here you are, on a website based on the shitty misfortunes of others.

When you trip and fall, friends ask if you are okay and help you up. Your best friends laugh hysterically.

Maybe she had a boyfriend who was somewhere else in the club at the time.

she could've been saving your life

And now she seems like a Saint!

You shoulda just kept walking past her. She woulda felt stupid after that.

Exactly, or just laugh and walk up to another girl close to her. That much confidence isn't good for anyone :)

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I would`ve, except she was standing against a wall and there was no one around her...

Yeah, then accused her of being full of herself.

Either she has bad taste, or you look like a behemoth.

Pretty sure behemoth just means something big..

And ugly, and fat....

No means yes!! Wait..yes..erm no...uhh.....what point was I trying to make??

A terrible one.

I thought they had a good point: that they are an idiot.

AllThatHit 7

My bad I thought no meant yes

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Should have ignored her and asked her friend instead. That would have made her feel real dumb.

Great minds think alike ;)

I like your style... That would have for sure made her feel foolish.

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Her friend is ugly

You are superficial. I find a girl I am in love with more attractive than any other women in the world. Emotions>appearance

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79- as true as that is, emotions being more important than looks, that doesn't really apply at a could OP know any females there personally, especially the one he went up to. So in this case, looks kind of mean everything.

Tell her you were going to ask the girl behind her to dance.

Wow, that was rude. Feel sorry for you, OP. That must have been embarrassing.

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Her loss, OP. There are many more fish in the sea :)

There's plenty of fish to fuck

Kanye West, who let you on here? You gay fish!