By grossed out - 25/03/2013 18:25 - United Kingdom - Peterborough

Today, my friend asked to borrow my new laptop to email his college professor. When he returned it, it had a virus on it, and I had to fish out two pubic hairs that were sticking out between the keys. FML
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TorisaurusRexxx 10

I would tell you to install parental controls and site blocks, but that can't even keep 11-year-olds off of those sites.


TorisaurusRexxx 10

I would tell you to install parental controls and site blocks, but that can't even keep 11-year-olds off of those sites.

It really depends on the program and the tech snarts of the person.. I have personally seen some lil kids getting past good securiry..

Tec snarts. Some one doesn't have auto correct

Don't throw stones in a glass house.. It's tech..

Sir_ND_Pity 35

42 - I prefer to follow the philosophy of not throwing stones at people regardless of housing situation :)

Not to be that guy, but don't throw stones in a glass house...he said house, not people.

Don't throw stones while in a glass house. Throwing stones. At people. They throw them back. Shatter glass house. Its an old saying, I can't believe it has to be explained. For the ignorant, it means to not insult someone when you are guilty as well. Any questions?

It is only a virus. Just run a an anti virus program in safe mode and take out the virus. Free ones don't work well so don't bother. Also, never let anyone borrow your laptop unless you trust them. Also, there are safe **** websites. I guess Op's friend doesn't know one.

How do you know the hairs were pubic?

Do you mean sites about how to shave your balls?

Email his professor what? A picture of his hairy penis? >.< that's just nasty

For clarification, I know what OP's friend actually used the laptop for. Still very nasty and inappropriate if you ask me.

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Which is worse , stickiness or public hair?

hellobobismyname 24

36, sticky public pubic hairs are the worst.

My god, I think we've found Sherlock Holmes!

Thanks tips!!!!! Never woulda figured that one out I'm sure we would all be stumped without your help!!!

Nah, he was emailing his college professor. He just didn't say what *kind* of email he was sending...

potatosareawesom 7

he could of just downloaded a virus doing something else and it could of been a hair from somewhere else or from op

55- *have Sorry. The of/have confusion bugs the shit out of me.

@16 If #6 is Sherlock Holmes then who's John Watson?

never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever lend your laptop to anyone, even a friend. Treat it like your car!

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Or you could just lend your stuff to more respectful and responsible people.

sometime it's just hard to see what someone is like

heinous966 15

Maybe his "professor" was the star of a student-teacher type porno? Either way, he should have at least cleaned up his pubes.

Yeah but at least now he knows not to let that friend borrow his laptop ever again

He should sell the friend the computer, for a lot of money, and buy a new [untainted] computer.

This is why we can't do nice things. :(

*have. This is why we can't HAVE nice things. That comment was so close to perfect.

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Well, that's the best class ever.