By grossed out - United Kingdom - Peterborough
Today, my friend asked to borrow my new laptop to email his college professor. When he returned it, it had a virus on it, and I had to fish out two pubic hairs that were sticking out between the keys. FML
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  fdupagain  |  11

Don't throw stones while in a glass house. Throwing stones. At people. They throw them back. Shatter glass house. Its an old saying, I can't believe it has to be explained. For the ignorant, it means to not insult someone when you are guilty as well. Any questions?

  MDTeddy  |  13

It is only a virus. Just run a an anti virus program in safe mode and take out the virus. Free ones don't work well so don't bother. Also, never let anyone borrow your laptop unless you trust them. Also, there are safe porn websites. I guess Op's friend doesn't know one.