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Today, my boyfriend had to be hospitalized to drain poison from a bad spider bite. His mom is convinced that he got it from my house and won't let him come over anymore. I suppose she's right, because guess who found a spider web under their bed today, along with 5 new spider bites? FML
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By  Mirm83  |  0

I need to stop reading the comments.

Spiderwebs can be spun overnight. The timing of the bites indicates that the spider had newly moved in. Who looks under the bed often enough to catch spiderwebs instantly?

Getting rid of the web doesn't get rid of the spider, unless it's in it.

Five bites does not equal five spiders. They aren't like bees, who sting and then die.

  grshpr76  |  0

spiders arent carrion eaters... they wouldnt go for food thats just randomly lying about. its not like we're talking about large tarantulas you can feed stew meat to. we're talking a "true spider" that is likely living off various other household pests like the wayward ant, fruit fly and whatnot.

  safirestar09  |  0

Fruit flies feed off of fruit, obviously. And ants don't always come in a home after food. Occasionally they'll be carried in by a person who doesn't realize there's an ant crawling on them, or they'll come in randomly.