By Anonymous - 02/01/2010 07:50 - United States

Today, my boyfriend had to be hospitalized to drain poison from a bad spider bite. His mom is convinced that he got it from my house and won't let him come over anymore. I suppose she's right, because guess who found a spider web under their bed today, along with 5 new spider bites? FML
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You might want to consider cleaning your room more often...

I need to stop reading the comments. Spiderwebs can be spun overnight. The timing of the bites indicates that the spider had newly moved in. Who looks under the bed often enough to catch spiderwebs instantly? Getting rid of the web doesn't get rid of the spider, unless it's in it. Five bites does not equal five spiders. They aren't like bees, who sting and then die.


daydreamstar 7

creepy! wait, so your bf got bit 5 more times. or you? sorrry im a bit dazed >>"'. ooo man spiders *shiver*

I think it might of been the mother but this is an excellent example of why not to employ guessing games in your posts.

daydreamstar 7

oo ok and i like ur name X3 10. krueger rules!

i think she means she found a spiders web under her bed and she had been bitten 5 times, that's why the mother was right that her bf was getting bitten at her house..

enormouselephant 15

How bad does someone's house have to be for another person to know their kids get bitten there?

Man, if her boyfriend got hospitalized from one bite, imagine five! Either that or her boyfriend was a wimp.

You might want to consider cleaning your room more often...

your boyfriend wouldn't happened to be named Peter Parker by any chance?

Lol! Maybe he is. She caused Him to be spider-man!

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clean your room dude and don't store food under your bed

spiders arent carrion eaters... they wouldnt go for food thats just randomly lying about. its not like we're talking about large tarantulas you can feed stew meat to. we're talking a "true spider" that is likely living off various other household pests like the wayward ant, fruit fly and whatnot.

And what do ants and fruit flys feed on?

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Fruit flies feed off of fruit, obviously. And ants don't always come in a home after food. Occasionally they'll be carried in by a person who doesn't realize there's an ant crawling on them, or they'll come in randomly.

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I don't think a spider would show up bc of one random spider carried in tho... clean your room OP

look again these sneaky bastards seem to always have more of their kin around

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lol kno huh!!! thts y I'm afraid of my garage!!

For one part you deserved it because you won't clean your room. but another part is ouch.. hopefully your boyfriend Is ok :/

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under my bed i have tons of spider webs, and i have no spider bites, who said the spiders bit you?